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Mar 24, 2011 06:02 AM

Can we stop with all the "puking" and "throwing up in your mouth"???

What is with all of the posts where posters feel that we need to hear that they "puke" at the thought of some food or concoction? Or they "throw up a little in their mouth"?

Spare us, OK? You are NOT adding anything useful to the discussion.

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  1. Please use Report to bring those to our attention.

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      1. Agreed. I strongly dislike (OK.. hate) those terms.
        A. They are not very original.
        B. Not funny
        C. Are way over the top reactions.
        D. Usually intended to insult someone or something. (ie my family bought some Hershey's kisses..we are used to European chocolate..we tasted them and we all spit it out.) Said it tasted like vomit. Just say you didn't care for it.

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        1. re: rochfood

          Sorry but I think your example is off. I don't mind people using vomit to describe the taste of something. It's descriptive in a way that "we didn't care for it" isn't.

          However I agree that saying that the thought of a food or concoction makes you puke or "throw up a little in my mouth" doesn't help me understand what your actual objection to it is.

          1. re: Chris VR

            i can venture that i've never tasted anything that tastes *like* vomit -- unless it was the real deal. i can't imagine that the description makes anyone understand how to *eat better.*

            1. re: alkapal

              Lucky you! I have, and I'm not eager to repeat it. It's an acidic, bitter, sour taste.

          2. re: rochfood

            Just to clarify our post above based on this post, if someone is describing something they ate as tasting like vomit or making them gag, we're not going to remove that. Our concern is with using those terms to describe the suggestions of other posters, which is rather rude.

          3. Reminds me of the times guests would open my refrigerator and make a gagging sound as probably there was a very assertive cheese in there. If you do not want or like something that is fine, but to refer to something as disgusting in words or action does not make the item appealing to others.

            1. There is, alas, no cure for that dreaded of all diseases, "Lack of Imagination."

              1. Funny, I haven't seen an increase in those kind of posts you describe. Any particular boards I'm missing out on?

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