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Mar 24, 2011 12:15 AM

Coming up with ideas for food blog posts?

I have a food blog, and every week, I keep running out of ideas as to what to "blog" about.

Mostly, it's a money issue right now. I don't have enough of it to go off running to the store to buy 6 ingredients for a fancy post.. so every time I come up with ideas, I have to scrap them because I don't have the ingredients. All I have on hand currently, is pasta, frozen veggies, and basic dairy products. :(

If you have a food blog, how do you come up with your ideas?

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  1. (I might sound harsh...)

    Maybe it's time to quit the food blogging "business" ?


    Just slow down on the blogging to once a week and make it a spectacular event. and in-between just write about the process of doing that one event.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      I must agree to take a breather. Writing whether blogs or books should never be forced. If there is no pay check in it, writing should be enjoyable and come naturally... that's what I believe at least makes for really good writing. Yes, you can take others advice and write about frugal cooking or food memories... but I reiterate that whatever you write about should come naturally. Personally I've read far too many food blogs, articles and books that have been extremely amateurish and that seemed forced. I'm not saying that all "natural" writing immediately is excellent, but one can usually tell the difference.

    2. Consider joining a food blog roll where you recipe less often but are part of a larger group of food bloggers supporting the efforts of one another. Have you looked into blog rolls or contacted food bloggers you admire to partner? Rather than throw in the apron, if you really do enjoy it, maybe you just need some food blogging pals.

      1. You can always expand somewhat on what you blog about. Talk about all aspects of food, not just making dishes. Most food blogs I really come back to read are ones with diverse topics.

        1. A blog is a personal diary which you are choosing to make public. Blog about how you really are, what you really eat, what you really do. Don't pretend or buy something or cook what you wouldn't normally do.

          Blogging should be another way of communicating, not a burden.

          1. Badly do we need more captivating food blogs.