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Mar 23, 2011 11:23 PM

Pizza in Eynon Pa. What kind of Cheese? Please...

As a child growing up in the 70's we would go to Grandma's house and if she didn't feel like cooking would get Pizza from Pothole Pizza or from a little shop at Sugarman's Drug. I thought the pizza was awesome and unique because the cheese was different from the typical "Jersey" pizza low moisture Mozzarella. My Dad called it, "American Cheese" because it was not stringy. Does anyone know anything about what kind of cheese that might have been? A regional style of pizza maybe? Anything might be helpful, thanks...JJ

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  1. I don't know either of the places you mention.\, but given Eynon's location I am assuming it was the mixture of cheese used in what is known as 'Old Forge Pizza'. If you search under"Old Forge' you will find some threads on the subject.

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      PS. I see you are in Harrisburg. Jiggsy's on Route 11/15 in Enola features Old Forge Pizza.
      Havn't been in about 5 years, but it used to be pretty good. You might try it and see if it brings back memories.

    2. Years ago I was told it was brick cheese which I believe is a mild cheddar American cheese. When I make Old Forge style pizza at home I use Sargento pizza double cheese which is a blend of cheddar cheese and mozzarella and while it is not quite NE PA style it comes close.

      1. Thank you for the responses, Old Forge Style makes sense, Eynon being less than ten miles from Scanton/Old Forge.American and or Brick seemed to be a favorite of the blogger's and Cooper sharp being the most popular cheese in my house may prove a good place to start. I will most likely purchase Brick, Munster and Jack then play with different combinations. Jigsy's is not that far from me and it would be awesome to enjoy the pizza I have missed for close to 40 years...JJ