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Mar 23, 2011 10:35 PM

29$ for a 14" take out pizza? Am I getting old?

I was at Billingsgate in the stadium strip mall and noticed a new pizza place (Olive Grove, don't know if it has anything to do with Olive Grove Pizza Express) had opened. I didn't have the chance to take a look but the next day I got a menu in the mail.

A 14" large is $28.95 which made me stop and stare and not for the right reasons. Even a 10" is $17.95. This is for something as basic as a vegetarian, nothing fancy.

Am I getting old? Are these prices the new norm for decent pie? We usually go to Pangaea on Northmount and an 18" with everything is $21.99. Even something like Matador's or Nick's is cheaper to sit down and dine.

I'm looking on the menu and it's not saying "gourmet" anywhere. There's a brief note about the dough being made daily. Really? That's worth bragging about these days? I feel like I should take out my dentures, put on some more preparation H and go back to my crossword puzzle.

Anyone tried it yet? Is it worth the price? Am I going senile?

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  1. everything is ridiculously overpriced in calgary - this IS a gold rush town afterall. although, i'm used to paying $30 for a good pizza now that i've lived here for so long. i'm amazed, though, when i go back to my hometown in the states, and every corner has a shop selling FAR BETTER pizza than anything calgary has EVER seen, and for 1/3 of the price.

    1. No worries piano boy, just think of yourself as being wise. Or no longer a Frat Boy residing in University Heights needing grub at 1 am to accompany a keg. In which case, your options may be limited.

      Spurred by your findings, I was given cause to research the price I pay at our fave haunts. Sophie's XL 14" Back Bacon Special Pizza is $28.79, Matadors XL (14") Matador Special (10 toppings) is $29 and the Traditional Greek is $26 for the same size. And these are all substantial pies.

      I don't fall for the senility card, I think every city has their share of establishments that proffer less than innovative or interesting offerings. This of course doesn't get into the lease rates businesses must support in YYC today. It's the likes of CH to highlight the few that go beyond. For that I'm grateful.

      I will have to try Pangaea though, thanks for the rec!

      1. Right on!!!!

        Calgary pizza prices are absolutely ridiculous, about 50% more than Toronto and area. And the pizza here generally has a really high level of suckage. I have yet to find one that even comes close to pizza I'm used to. I will add that I have pretty much given up on pizza here due to the fact that I would be gagging on the pizza twice, once when I pay for it and then when I eat it.

        We make pizza here, and you can make pretty good ones since you can find excellent ingredients at places like The Italian Store.

        Actually, now that I think of it, I did have one really great Margherita at, of all places, Earls. It was fantastic, all the right ingredients, great crust. Can't remember the price though, but I will go back again.

        The Italian Store
        5140 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6V1, CA

        1. I got a flyer in the mailbox... I had to look twice and doing so I believe the $28.95 is for two pizzas -
          However I'm old and think pizza is way to expensive - period amen.
          my 25 year old niece told me she ordered in pizza on her credit card because she didn't have enough money for grocery that day - wt? - price was 30 bucks.. I used to be able to survive on that for a whole week of groceries.. eggs, cheese , bread, butter, coffee , peanut butter.. heh, I was even skinny then!

          1. As long as we pay twenty bucks plus for a pie, as long they will charge it.
            I don't want to bring Europe into the equasion (again), but it's hard to find a great Pizza for more than 9.00 Euros. From a wood fired oven no less.