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Mar 23, 2011 10:11 PM

Sushi/Sashimi survey

Based on research that we did at Harvard, here is what we asked our students (100 in total) in a survey:

1. Do you like Japanese food?
85% replied yes, the rest replied no

2. Do you eat sashimi with chopsticks?
100% replied yes

3. Do you eat ginger?
65% said yes

4. Do you eat sushi with soya sauce and wasabi? if so, do you mix them completely before dipping?
95% said yes

5. Do you think sushi is better if bigger?
90% said yes

6. Do you think sushi is a main course for Japanese meal?
100% said yes

7. Do you know the manners in eating sushi?
15% said yes

8. Do you think Japanese food is popular?
100% said yes

9. Before you eat and after you eat, do you say what Japanese say?
5% said yes

10. Do you thank sushi restaurant/sushi maker after you have finished eating?
0% said yes

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  1. Better not invite these kids to Morimoto's house to eat. The first one who tries to grab a piece of fish with the narrow ends of the chopsticks will get his ass kicked.

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    1. re: jackbauer

      it's best for them to go to Japan for once and learn~

    2. 10. Do you thank sushi restaurant/sushi maker after you have finished eating?
      0% said yes

      Wow! They must be eating at the tables instead of at the bar.
      Sushi chefs are so pleasant at the bar that I can't see leaving a bar without saying "Thank you".

      Also, did you ask an eleventh question?
      11. What's your favorite order at a sushi restaurant?
      Possible response: 100% California Roll. :-D

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      1. re: dave_c

        well even if they eat at the bar, they would not thank the chefs for following reasons
        1. chefs don't usually wear masks, and they still talk
        2. they are mostly Chinese, makes big sushi, even if the restaurant is Japanese-like, they don't know the tradition of sushi/sashimi themselves

        California roll is good I agree, but no I was more into manners of eating sushi =)