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Mar 23, 2011 07:11 PM

Edmonton's Amazing Shawarma.

Recently I moved to Edmonton and was overwhelmed with all the Donair and Shawarma places. It seems like you find at least one on every major intersection. Travelling through the Northwest I came across Sun Bake Pita Bakery. Named after a famous Lebanese Bakery I thought I'd try it out.

All of the pies(minus the Fatayer) on the menu are made in front of your eyes and freshly baked. Coming from Calgary I'm used to Pita Bakeries reheating zaatar and meat pies. To eat one fresh is a real treat. They also serve Shawarma wrapped in Baladi or Saj bread which is much thinner than tradional pita but tastes better. Unfortunatly the chicken was still cooking. I would have to say this is by far the best Lebanese food I've had here in Edmonton and I'll definatly be back.


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  1. I find most Edmonton shwarma underwhelming, partly because of the health requirement to grill the meat after it is sliced off the spit. Many places even slice it ahead of time and keep it on a steam table.

    I tend to order shishtaouk instead which ends up tasting closer to the shwarma Ive eaten in Israel and Jordan ( which in turn is different from the shwarma prevalent in Ottawa, Canada's capital of Lebanese style shwarma.)

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      On the shwarma/shishtaouk theme I read an interesting article from the proprietor of what apparently is a "Montreal hot-spot" on Crescent Street within the internet edition of the Montreal Gazette which is accompanied by a video.

      The proprietor is the father of the fellow who operates Dahlia on 124th Street whose smoked meat sandwiches I have enjoyed...when you hear and see "dad", the old adage of, "the apple does not fall far from the tree" sure rings true.

      1. re: Bob Mac

        I'll have to try Dhalia's. There is review on Urbanspoon. Complaining about the portion sizes of the sandwiche's. In Calgary, the King of Subs was a great place for Montreal Smoked Meat. Recently I ordered one and it was probably half the size it used to be for about 2 or more dollars as well. I'm also finding many products at the grocery store following this trend.

        1. re: mcglutton


          I think Dahlia uses Dunn's smoked meat. The sandwich itself is a decent but by no means is it a "jaw breaker" size.

          I have not been back in a number of months.

          Whenever family go to Costco I ask them to pick me a box or two of the "boil in the bag" Dunn's smoked meat that comes 8 per box

          1. re: Bob Mac

            Costco's Dunn's smoked meat between two slices of Bon Ton rye seems to be as good as it gets in Edmonton, after "Botanica" at the Delta south closed ( what an odd name for a place where the specialty was a Dunn's smoked meat sandwich) .
            Have not been to Teddy's in at least a decade, but they used to have a good corned beef sandwich, with the corned beef made in the premises. But we digress

            1. re: felix the hound

              Botanica used to be an actual Dunn's franchise, didn't it? And then they switched over but kept the smoked meat on the menu.

              1. re: anonymoose

                Yes it was, that's why I found the name incongruous.
                I bought Montreal smoked meat there by weight before the renovation, I wonder if they still sell it.

                1. re: felix the hound

                  Hmm, I never knew about Costco Dunn's. I'll have to try that, thanks for the tip!

                  One of the ex-chefs at Teddy's is a friend of ours, I'll have to press him for his Corned Beef recipe.