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Mar 23, 2011 06:52 PM

Wicker Baskets to use in Kitchen-----Where to buy Locally ?

Where is a good place to buy wicker-type baskets of all sizes for Kitchen or other
household uses. Preferable in San Francisco or locations on the Peninsula.

Thanks, HeadRanger George

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  1. Not sure this question belongs in this category, but if I were you I would check out World Market, Pier One, Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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    1. re: Jim

      Actually this does belong here. Baskets and the like are very much food/kitchen related.
      But thanks for your other suggestions.

    2. Cost Plus World Market in the Hillsdale Mall has lots of wicker baskets at good prices.

      1. Thrift stores are a great source for wicker, as are garage sales; people give and give away baskets constantly.

        The nicest ones I have came from Salvation Army on Valencia for $1-2 each.

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        1. re: Windy

          Michaels (craft store), TJ Max, Marshalls, online, Walmart. Chinatown.