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Mar 23, 2011 06:46 PM

My Husband Wants to Make Hamurger Buns

We've become addicted to making great we're moving on to the buns. My husband makes bread regularly so knows the basics, but never made buns. Tell me your tips, techniques and recipes. I'm envisioning a bun with black pepper and caramelized that a possibility? Thanks to all for help on this.

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  1. I am curious to this as well.

    I have made basic buns using the Reinhart White Bread recipe ( Variation 1) with dry milk. I also swapped some AP flour for bread flour for a sotfer bun and some milk in there.

    If this helps- I opted to go for 5 oz buns for a 6oz burger.

    I used bun pans to shape them.

    I ahve also made the poor mans brioche for the bun.. but i think i like teh white bread bun better.

    also see here

    maybe that helps?

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      Isn't that funny.... I use Reinhart White Bread variation 2 with real buttermilk. My husband loves this dough more than anything, with perhaps the except of the Pain Ancienne. We make two sizes since we eat different sized burgers.

      I want to try a potato roll one of these days. I have heard they are really good for hamburgers.

      As to caramelized onions, that would lead me to a bulky roll which I have made, but not for burgers.

    2. I made buns not too long ago, a yeasty basic white bread made into large rolls to cold extra big sandwiches of bbq pulled pork and coleslaw. Not too much trouble, but there are so many recipes, you don't say what kind of bread? Most breads can be made into anything small roll that you want. Adding the caramelized onions and black pepper would be the last step right before baking and easy. Rememer that what ever goes on top, will cook and have moisture drawn out since it's exposed more so to the heat of the oven. I weighed each roll for consistency for size, and then making sure they're nice and round. There are also molds for buns that help the dough hold its shape.

        1. re: katecm

          I've made these 4-5 times for burgers. They are good and because of them I won't make burgers without also making buns. However, I've recently made some using a recipe from Reinhart and preferred them to the smitten kitchen ones.

          I also want to try potato rolls next after eating at shake shack last month.

          1. re: katecm

            Thanks for the link! Making these tomorrow!

          2. Last fall, I started the same quest - the perfect rolls for our grilled burgers. Then our upstate NY winter put THAT plan on hold!

            Off the top of my head, one of our favorites was King Arthur's Onion Buns:

            There were a couple of others we loved, but I'd have to go home and look them up.

            1. For an over the top bun, make brioche rolls. The Barefoot Contessa brioche recipe rolled into buns works perfectly.