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Mar 23, 2011 06:25 PM

best LA farmer's markets

What are the very best Farmer's Markets in LA on Fridays or Saturdays with a large selection of heirloom, organic, and specialty produce and not too long of a drive from west hollywood? unless really worth it. also, any suggestions for urban farms, chef gardens, homesteads, that might sell things to chefs for special events...

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  1. I'm sure there are lots of posts on this subject already, but my favorite is the Santa Monica farmers market on Wednesdays on Arizona and 2nd - not your preferred day, I know... but this is the one that many of the top local chefs go to. So much to choose from.

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      The Saturday Santa Monica farmers is good but not quite as big as their Wednesday market when all the areas chefs come to shop...... but It's still well worth attending.

      2nd Street and Arizona
      Santa Monica

    2. You specified Fridays or Saturdays, but one of the best farmers markets is right near you on Sundays: the Hollywood Farmers Market centered at Ivar and Selma.

      1. I love the Melrose Market on Sunday's - right in your hood. It's on Melrose Place and Croft. I often see local chefs shopping there.

        1. I just went to the Venice Farmer's Market on Friday ams, 7 - 1 pm, I believe. It is much smaller but I liked it better than the SaMo markets, because you don't have to fight the crowds.

          On Venice Blvd at Venice way.

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            I haven't been to the Venice FM in a long time, but it used to be 7-11AM. I wish it were in the afternoon when I actually would have time to shop...

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              I really believe it runs until after one, since I didn't get there before 10:30 and felt I had LOTS of time to shop. Maybe I looked at the sign quickly, and it was 11:30 but a quick google check can verify.

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                Here's the website - the hours are posted in red.


                My guess is that outside of summer, the market is allowed to run late because there's not as much demand for the parking lot. Did anything catch your eye?

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                  Perzacklty. I believe I got the info of Grub Street, and their little map, and that sounds about right, as once summer comes, they need the lots.

                  No, not really, has much less than the Sa Mo markets, I just like the fact that a)there's parking without a 10 story structure and elevator ride with heavy bags and b) you don't have to hustle and fight the crowds.

                  I would have splurged on a Rockenwagner pretzel, had I not already had a bagel, d'oh! But the produce was all nice, I bought ruby swiss chard, blood oranges, green garlic and baby carrots.

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                    My favorite is Saturday AM, Pico and Cloverfield in Santa Monica (Virginia Park).
                    Easy free parking (big lot), nice selection of vendors (including the fantastic Gloria we know and love from Wed Santa Monica). Kenter Canyon Farms, Weiser Farms, Glorias, Pudwell berries, Pomegranate juice guy. Bertha's Tamales!
                    Never crowded. No streets to navigate. I love this market.

                    1. re: maudies5

                      That sounds like a good one too. I just never get around to the weekend ones, since we are so busy with the kids. The Palisades one on Sundays is really decent also, but sometimes seems pricier than SaMo. And parking is always an issue in the village.