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veggie burger at Hillstone?

digga Mar 23, 2011 05:25 PM

Just read the write-up in the NYT about the NYC Hillstone's veggie burger (pricey and worth it according to them..I don't have first-hand experience). Is the Boston version as good and as worth it? We've been to both incarnations (Houston's and Hillstone) out of convenience, sitting at the bar for an off-hour snack. Would never go there as a destination. But if the veggie burger is THAT good, I might change my tune.

60 State St Ste P, Boston, MA 02109

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    gramercyfoodie Mar 24, 2011 04:43 AM

    imo it is THAT good!

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      Klunco Mar 24, 2011 08:24 AM

      I concur. A couple of months ago I went to Houston's in LA and it completely changed my view of veggie burgers. It is delicious! Boston is the same and well worth the $14. It is one messy veggie burger with great crunch on the outside but a tender interior, great flavor, great toppings and a nice bun. Highly recommended!

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      David_A Mar 24, 2011 11:42 AM

      I am a vegetarian and this is the best veggie burger I have ever had. It is worth the trip and the price.

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        granolagurl Mar 24, 2011 12:32 PM

        i went to the hillstones in boston several weeks ago specifically to taste this famous vegi-burger i had been hearing about. i am usually NOT a fan of chain restaurants, but i swallowed my pride with hope and optimism that i would be amazed. and.....i was pretty amazed. the service was impeccable and they didn't even bat an eyelash when i asked what they had as a substitute for fries (as i heard those weren't so tasty!). not only did they not bat an eyelash, but they offered me 5 different choices (can't remember them all, but things like roasted root vegetables in a balsamic reduction with parmesan-yum!). anyways, back to the burger. it was tasty and made me happy. the bun DOES get a bit soggy since it takes so long to eat, but that truly is a minor thing.

        since i have eaten there, i have been looking for knock-off vegi-burgers on the internet although haven't found anyone yet that thinks they have recreated hillstones taste to a tee. hoping maybe some wonderful boston chowhound would care to share their version of a hillstone knock-off.

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          markpmark Mar 26, 2011 12:12 PM

          Haven't found a recipe yet that includes prunes . . . might be worth a try to switch out the molasses for prunes pureed?

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          stomachofsteel Mar 24, 2011 01:20 PM

          I'm excited to hear this. I'm not a vegetarian but I do enjoy a good veggie burger once in a while. I also get dragged to Faneuil Hall with my out-of-state in-laws every time they visit (what do they honestly enjoy about it???), so it will be nice to have a decent place to eat while we're there.

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            mkfisher Apr 1, 2011 09:54 AM

            I had this for the first time last night, and I totally agree with everything that has been said. It is far and away the best veggie burger I've ever tasted. In fact, I'd say it was one of the 5 best things I've eaten at a restaurant in 2011. I also found it to be a pretty good value for $14.

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