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Mar 23, 2011 04:36 PM

Cold brewed coffee - What type of coffee?

I am NOT a "coffee person" but I do like the cold Starbucks frappacinos that come in the glass bottles. But after reading all the posts and threads about cold-brewing my own coffee, I thought I'd save a few bucks and try it myself. I've got the process down but one thing that's never been mentioned (that I've seen, at least ) is what type of coffee to use. So I got to my local supermarket, (Raley's), and among the myriad types offered are: Columbian Dark Roast, Columbian Supreme, Kona Blend, Sumatra Blend, Mocha Java, Morning Blend, Morning Lift (?!?), and Our Best Blend, (Among others). I honestly have no idea what the difference is since I never drink just plain coffee. But perhaps it doesn't really matter since I would just be adding milk and sugar and would drown out any of the small nuances that most coffee lovers would notice.

I would appreciate some advice from the coffee lovers out there. I know there are plenty.

BTW, I would obviously steer clear of any flavored coffees and I actually have tried French Roast coffee once and it tasted burnt. Is it supposed to taste that way or did I get the end of the pot and it really was burnt?

Thanks all.

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  1. Not sure if it helps or not but French Roast tastes burnt to me as well. I switch back and forth between Colombian Supremo and Sumatra..

    1. i'm pretty sure Starbucks makes their frappuccinos with espresso so you might want to try an espresso roast. i personally think all Starbucks coffee tastes burnt because they over-roast their beans (hence the nickname Charbucks). i get my coffee beans from other sources, and my default is Sumatra.