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Mar 23, 2011 04:06 PM

Xinh's Shelton Wa. - Still Good?

Greetings all!

My daughter is graduating from Evergreen State in mid June, and I made a reservation for 8 at Xinh's in Shelton for dinner the night before her graduation based on Chowhound (and yelp) reviews...

Haven't noticed any recent Xinh's reviews; is her crew still on their game?

What should we order? Open to any and all suggestions, especially seasonal.
We do, however, have a couple of non seafood eaters in our group. Menu looks safe for those souls.

Thoughts would be most appreciated!


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  1. It has been a year since we were last there - we live in Oregon - but over the prior five years or so, it was consistently excellent as to both food and service. I doubt that has changed.

    1. How weird - this post is on the Greater Seattle board, too, with more responses.

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