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Mar 23, 2011 03:57 PM

prime rib

where is the best market to purchase a whole prime rib uncooked in atlanta, thanks ken

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  1. Not sure about retail sources, but I'd vote for Restaurant Depot, otherwise. I go to the one in Norcross, and they tend to have bone-in rib roasts in Select grade (Wal Mart quality), Choice grade (their Angus brand), and sometimes Prime grade. They also carry Halal beef, but I'm not sure if there are bone-in rib roasts. They also have deboned roasts (aka whole ribeye). Generally, the prices aren't outrageous, so it's worth it if you can find a way to get in. FYI, the one off Chattahoochee on the west side carries slightly different stuff.

    1. I actually got a good one from Costco at Christmas time. I assume they have that sort of thing all year round though. It was good and pretty reasonably priced.