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Mar 23, 2011 03:54 PM

McKendrick's vs. Chops

My mother and brother are coming to visit my fiance and I in Atlanta. We are planning to go to Bones one night, but we are looking for one other steakhouse to eat at for their last dinner in town. My fiance and I have eaten at Bones before---we both loved it, but we too are new to Atlanta and have not tried Chops or McKendrick's (though we have heard wonderful things about both). Any preferences between the two?

We have also eaten at Kevin Rathbun's before, although I am not particularly pressed on dining there during my mother's visit.

Any and all opinions appreciated!

Rathbun's Restaurant
112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

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  1. I don't think you can go wrong with either. I'd pick the one that is closer to where you are staying. With Chops, I actually prefer the atmosphere at Lobster Bar (it's just downstairs) and I believe you can order off the Chops menu. The room at the Lobster Bar is stunning and unique.

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    1. re: ebennettatl

      Thanks for your input! I've heard similar things about how unique the Lobster Bar is at Chops. I think you are right though...either way I'll have a delicious meal!

    2. I would pick McKendrick's over Chop's any day. There is always something a little wrong at Chops, in my experiences, whether it be service or something to do with the food.
      McKendrick's is great, food is stellar and service is excellent!
      Hope you have a great time!

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      1. re: Katj

        I think at this point, after talking to a few other people and reading your review, you might be right and I may be going to McKendrick's. I still have a couple weeks to decide, though I am quite certain that McKendrick's is where we will eat their last night in town. Some other time I will definitely have to try Chops. Thank you!!!

      2. McKendrick's over Chops any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

        As for Rathbun's, avoid it. Too salty, space is barren which makes it way too loud and the food was unimpressive at best. Rathbun's Steak was another story but I would still take McKendrick's over it as well.

        Rathbun's Restaurant
        112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

        Rathbun's Steak
        154 Krog St NE Ste 200, Atlanta, GA 30307

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        1. re: samlev

          I just made a reservation at McKendrick's. I'm confident it's going to be amazing. Thank you.

          Oh... and I agree with you on Rathbun's. When I went there my New York Strip was burnt on one side (I ordered it rare) and horribly tough. My fiance's filet wasn't too bad though. I'm in no rush to get back as I wasn't impressed with the atmosphere at all.

          Rathbun's Restaurant
          112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

          1. re: srocco9483

            good choice--ask for Taco as your waiter--hes great. My fav meal there is the fillet stufed with lobster with bernaise sauce--its not on the menu,but the thing about McKs theyll make anything for you. with whatever sauce you want.The au gratin potatoes are terffic as are asparagus.My wife oves the veal chop or lamb chops. Oysters rockefeller incredible--i think ill go there Sat!!

            1. re: bobstripower

              PS to my note, to me the best tables at McK are the banquet tables--lots of room and against the wall so very quiet.2nd best are the tables in the room with the banquet tables, least best are the tables in their "Patio" room--still a great meal wherever you sit,but the 1st 2 are quieter due to the acoustics

              1. re: bobstripower

                Thanks for the recommendations! The steak that you order sounds aaaamaazzzing. I'm going to call later and see if I can request Taco as our waiter. Thank you!!!

        2. We just ate at McKendrick's this weekend and its really a solid all around steak experience. Everything exceeds your expectations!
          (Chop's usually let's me down so often, I've stopped going~ but recommend you try Lobster Bar sometime.)
          Besides Bone's and McKendrick's you must try Hal's on Old Ivy. Place is a bit wilder, steaks are more tender and the wait is forever with a reservation, but worth it!

          Hal's on Old Ivy
          Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

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          1. re: lakgrs

            Sweet! Just what I want to hear. Every time I think about eating there or read a response my mouth starts watering and I come close to eating my computer screen. I'll definitely try Lobster Bar some other time and Hal's as well.

            We're big steak people and compared to a lot of other cities we've lived in Atlanta is up there for sure!

            1. re: lakgrs

              i just dont get waiting with a reservation--whats that all about--there are too many other places just as good or better--it shows alot of disrespect for you the customer,doesnt it

              1. re: bobstripower

                Bobstripower, yes waiting on your reservation isn't ideal, but the place is so great and the bar is terrific- forces you to have a drink (or more) and just enjoy the evening. It's just a different vibe from any other "steak house", nothing about it is stuffy or formal.