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Mar 23, 2011 03:20 PM

I haven't had southern/bbq or real mexican/salvadoran in over 10 years! Can you help??

Hi all,

I've been overseas for more than a decade, and am going back in April to see (non-foodie) family, who've recently relocated to Woodbridge. We'll also spend a couple days a bit further south, I think around Bowling Green (Drum Bay maybe?). I just can't wait to have some authentic southern cooking and some Mexican or Salvadoran (or even Peruvian). I imagine the latino food would be more around suburban Virginia, but there have to be some southern, non-chain gems going down I 95 a bit, no?

I'd love to hear any suggestions!

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  1. The ethnic foods that you mentioned are probably much more available in the DC area. However, it doesn't look like you are going far enough south to get that southern food experience.

    Just past Petersburg, VA on Rt. 460 there will be a couple of choices, but again you'll be going a bit further south than Bowling Green. Just south of Waverly, VA on Rt. 460 is Cowlings BBQ. Awesome southern NC style BBQ. About 8 to 10 miles further down Rt. 460 in Wakefield, VA is the Virginia Diner. It is a famous old Virginia style diner that has been around for a long time. If you feel like a short road trip, they are worth the drive.

    Virginia Diner
    Highway 460, Wakefield, VA 23888

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      If you want to come all the way to Norfolk, there is a pupusaria called "El Gavilan" that gets excellent reviews. Word of mouth is very positive.

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        K&L Barbecue in Hopewell is good also, and a bit further north than Petersburg. Closed on the weekends, though.

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          Thanks much, Foodjack, sasmatt and Naco! I can't wait, I'll be flying into VA this weekend...

      2. There's Prince George Family BBQ a little further west of Wakefield, just off of I-295 S.

        You should also be able to find some good BBQ (and maybe some ethnic food) in Richmond, not too far south on I-95 from Bowling Green!

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          Is there nothing decent around Fredericksburg or Hague? If I were on my own, I'd love to traipse all over, but with family, I've got, er, some technical limitations...

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            (this is what I'm discovering in the process of organizing: others, for some odd reason, aren't as driven as I am to find honest, delicious food. Go figure.)

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              I'm not too far outside of Fredericksburg myself --

              I stopped in at Post 401 in Fredericksburg and had a decent BBQ sandwich a while back. I haven't been recently, but it's worth a try!

              A couple of folks have told me that Allman's is pretty good too, but I haven't had a chance to make it over there yet:

              As far as Mexican --

              The only Mexican food I've had in Fredericksburg was Pancho Villa, it was decent (service was a bit slow but the food was generally pretty good!).

              I have a friend who lives in Woodbridge, will ask if there are any good places nearby!

              1. re: ForFoodsSake

                Thanks a lot ForFoodsSake--I'm getting the sneaking suspicion Woodbridge is Potomac Mills shopping, a maze of traffic, and lots of houses. Would be great to find some places, there, as well.

                I checked out the Allman's site, love the look of the place but read somewhere that some CH was disappointed with their "dry" BBQ...also looked at Post 401 (why "Post"?!). It's certainly great to have options...

                I think I may have to dive into Arlington/DC for some Salvadoran/Peruvian/Mexican grub if I can't find places in Woodbridge. Granted those cuisines aren't local, but they're a lot more local there than they are here in Europe!

                Thanks for your advice!

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                  Good luck! If nothing else you may be able to find something in Warrenton (take I-95 to 17 N from Woodbridge). We have a very authentic Mexican place in Bealeton (Taquiera Jasmine) -- it is very seedy and the service is really hit or miss, but the food is generally good. There's a place in Warrenton too. Happy travels!

          2. Get off I 95 at Exit 161 at Woodbridge, VA on U. S. 1 toward Woodbridge, VA. Go 1.8 miles and take a right on Occoquan Road to Dixie Bones BBQ.
            Dixie Bones @ 13440 Occoquan Road, Woodbridge, VA. 703 - 492 - 7885.
            Get off I 95 at Exit 130 B at Fredericksburg, VA and go E on Highway 3 to Jefferson Davis Highway # 1. Take a left and go N to Allman's BBQ in front of Park and Shop shopping center. You will find good BBQ since 1954.
            Allman's BBQ @ 1299 Jeff Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA‎ 540 - 373 - 9881.
            Before you get to NC on I 95 at Exit 31 try Stony Creek Tastee Hut for good fried chicken or BBQ.

            Stony Creek Tastee Hut @ 12420 Blue Star Hwy., Stony Creek, VA. 434 - 246 - 2328.

            Dixie Bones BBQ
            13440 Occoquan Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22191

            Stony Creek Tastee Hut
            12420 Blue Star Hwy, Stony Creek, VA 23882

            1. Virginia BBQ is nice.

              Virginia BBQ Co. @ 600 England Street, Ashland, VA 804 - 752 - 4838. I95/EXIT92.

              1. I would go to Dixie Bones over Allman's which I didn't find good at all.

                In terms of Mexican, El Paso restaurant in Springfield is supposed to be good according to Don Rockwell, whom I would trust. About 16 miles away?

                If you come all the way up to Arlington, go to Guajillo in Rosslyn for Mexican, Taqueria El Charrito Camiante, Don Azucena or La Carenquena not in your list of wanted things, but I think you would love it if you look at the menu. Actually it seems Manassas might have some good Mexican from driving through too, might search that on the DC board. I love Carribean Grill for cuban/peruvian/pollo a la brassa. La Union is good for Mexican and Salvadorean too.

                El Charrito
                1425 Tappahannock Blvd, Tappahannock, VA 22560