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Mar 23, 2011 03:09 PM

Cheese Tasting in the 7th

Is there any good cheese tasting near / in the 7th that would be good to at an informal time for lunch, perhaps with some good lunch meats perhaps wine but it isnt neccisary to have wine at that particular location

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  1. If you mean a dine-in place, l have not a place for you. If you mean to buy and eat elsewhere, Dubois at Maubert-Mutualite metro in the 5th on Ligne 9

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      thanks, linking this thread in case anyone else is interested in the info consolidated

      Just noting a few items for a picnic now that i have some time...hopefully this helps and if there is a better idea to assemble the ingredients more effectivly please let me know

      wine: Derniere Goutte, in the 6th at 6 rue Bourbon le Château

      meats: Divay on rue Bayen paris 4 rue Bayen-75017 Paris
      Tèl :01 43 80 16 97 -- Not sure if it really needs to be this particular place, are there any other good options for some simple cured meats to go with cheese bread wine or is it worth the trip over to this place

      breads: does dubois have good breads there to go with their cheeses or is that another shop


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        There is a decent bakery next to Dubois in Maubert. And an excellent one (the original Kayser) a hundred feet further, on rue Monge.

        Also, not to be all bitchy again, but Maubert is on line 10, not 9.

        Divay is pretty good. Is it worth schlepping all over town just for it? No, especially if you're already around rue Cler. But Divay is located in an excellent market street, close to another great cheese shop where they have an indulgent tasting policy, Alléosse. Great coffee beans too (brûlerie des Ternes), and fruits and mushrooms, and Estern-European pastry, etc. And there's also Maison Pou on av. des Ternes, for more cured meat and food to go. Also, on saturday mornings (early), Divay has ham-stuffed croissants that I would actually cross town for. And they do goose foie gras.

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          Damn, away for a few months and start forgetting the Metro lines.

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            Since we are getting away from the 7th, I've gotta gotta (à la Otis Redding) recommend our Ultimate Cheese Guy - beret and all - in the 9th (Friday afternoon Anvers market).
            He always but always has a Selles sur Cher and a Valençay on the counter for all to taste. But don't ! If you do, you'll just end up taking off all your clothes and rolling on the counter.

            1. re: Parigi

              Let me know the next time you are going!

              1. re: Parigi

                Parigi shared some of the chevre from her "Ultimate Cheese Guy" with me and now I am a regular visitor to his stall at the Anvers market; unfortunately he only has chevres.

              2. re: souphie

                Souphie, cannot believe you didn't tell him about Oteiza! It's a fabulous Baque place on Blvd St. Michel (not far from St. Germain) that features amazing Basque duck and pork products. Perfect for picnics or aperos.

                  1. re: ChefJune

                    As l recall Souphie introduced the two of us to Oteiza some years back.

            2. There are a few cheese restaurants in town. One is on rue Mouffetard near Contrescarpe. Others -- well, the ones I knew have disappearred. Cheese is not what it used to be.

              Weather permitting, I would say get cheese from Cantin, bread from Pain d'épis (at the corner of rue du Champ de Mars), macarons from Grégory Renard, and go for a picnic on the Champ de Mars (you can pick up wine too, it's not illegal to drink here).

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                Re: Champ de Mars & alcohol, didn't Rachida prohibit it to be consumed on said public garden from 6PM to 7AM? So it would be legal for a picnic lunch but not for a dinner...

                1. re: olivierb

                  You do know what I have to say to her, don't you?

                  1. re: olivierb

                    wasn't that put in place so they had a loophole to keep the kids from going berserk?

                    I've heard (not personal experience...) that they don't say much to older folks discretely drinking from a glass with a picnic. (this is not the time to swig from the bottle...)

                    1. re: sunshine842

                      "wasn't that put in place so they had a loophole to keep the kids from going berserk?"

                      Yes the younger kids were organizing massive "apéro" through facebook etc. in all the big cities in France. The kids were getting really drunk. One drunk kid died from some accident. I remember that was the origin of the banning of drinking alcohol on Champs de Mars. I agree that it seems to be one of those things "selectively" enforced in France.

                2. cheese tasting? really? To buy (and taste some) always great cheese go to Quatrehomme on rue de Sevres, in, the 6th.

                  1. Two pieces of advice. First if shopping for a picnic head for the best shop to source the prime ingredient either cheese of meat then buy all other ingredients from shops in the vicinity. Spending hours criss-crossing Paris to go from best to the best become self defeating. Second, most cheese shops offer small tastes when buying cheese, thus not a cheap way of tasting French cheese, they will expect you to buy and the tasting will cease if it is obvious you don't intend do.

                    But do you want lunch which is cheese based with a few cold meats..? I would recommend La Cremerie 9 rue des Quatre Vents 75006 or maybe L'Avant Comptoir 9 Carrefour de l'Odeon 75006. I expect both are mainly wine and meat based but will have cheese.

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                    1. re: PhilD

                      Hi PhilD..
                      Is that great little cheese shop on Rue Bosquet across from the Hotel Relais Bosquet still there?
                      The owner was always so kind and he had wonderful cheeses.

                      1. re: Beach Chick

                        We are probably looking for both, we will picnic at Versallies the day we go there, so we want to grab some items for that, staying the 7th, however we will be at the Louvre two days prior to versallies and then going to the champ arc de triump and the champes elyeese (pardon any spelling) the day prior, so figuring out what to get the day before either while we are out or by where we are staying is important so we arent running all over the city

                        so if there is a one stop shop / area then we will do that

                      2. re: PhilD

                        La Cremerie is fantastic, and tiny. Little plates of charcuterie, good wines by the glass, a friendly host (who speaks English), home made daily quiche and other small plates, including dessert. But not a place to go especially to taste cheese, per se, although they did have some.

                      3. Marie Cantin is a wonderful fromagerie (and affineur) in that area. I found the quality of their cheeses to be the highest that I tried in Paris. They have pre-made little cheese trays (fresh each day -- don't worry) or they could easily make you something on the spot. It's not a place to dine -- it's only a shop -- but I'd think you'd be able to pull together what you're looking for from Marie Cantin and another shop in that neighborhood.

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                        1. re: glutton

                          imho, Cantin is good, Dubois is better. And I haven't yet tried Parigi's guy in the 9th. But Dubois is definitely worth a trip, and Oteiza is not that far away.

                          1. re: ChefJune

                            agree. cantin is good. my choice for better is aleosse on rue poncelet.

                            1. re: jock

                              thanks for all the different ideas...i am going to have to sit down with google map and see which of these places we can hit at lunch and/or on the way back from sight seeing to get a few items for the picnic

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                                parc monceau is very nice for a picnic - a short walk from the arc de triomphe. everything you need for a picnic is right there on rue poncelet and it is on the way to the parc from etoile. le grand cave, right next door to aleosse, is one of the best wine shops in paris.