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Mar 23, 2011 03:02 PM

Fresh Rice Noodles?

Hello Portland!
I recently moved to your fine city from Bangkok, Thailand. I've been here a few months but have not yet found a place which sells wide rice noodles (chow fun noodles, sen yai, kway teow, เส้นใหญ่, 粿条) which have not been refrigerated.

I have found a few in fridges so far, which imo ruins them. In Thailand and other parts of Asia, you get them sold at room temperature, made fresh that day. They're either pre-cut or sold in sheets which you cut yourself. Once you refrigerate them, they harden and lose their great chewy texture.

I'm also looking for a good source of holy basil (bai gra prao). Any leads welcome!


For the Thai speakers, if there are any: เมืองนี้มีก๋วยเตี๋ยวเส้นใหญ่สดไม่ค่ะ

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  1. You may want to talk to Andy Richter of Pok Pok, or post this @ please, I'd love to know if you find some!
    For the basil have you tried Fubonn?

    Pok Pok
    3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

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      Someone I met mentioned there's a place in North Portland which makes fresh rice noodles. I will check it out and if it's any good will post the address here.

      I tried Fubonn for the basil. They have all the great astringent and sour Vietnamese herbs, but no holy basil. I've heard that a few of the farmers markets carry holy basil in the summertime. I have some seeds and will also try to grow it myself.


      1. re: cee

        For Thai ingredients, you should always check Lily Thai Market out on NE Halsey first. It's the largest and best of the dedicated Thai markets, which there are only about four of in PDX. There are some photos of the place here: