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Mar 23, 2011 02:39 PM

Torrington recs

We're headed to Torrington next week and need a suggestion for a nice dinner restaurant. Mid to high end and decent value are what we are looking for. Immediate surrounding area would be fine and any kind of cuisine. Thanks

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  1. The Black Rock Tavern in Thomaston (15 min South of Torrington). Steak on a rock for the carnivores, but the specials are generally very good & the bartender now knows how to make a Szarac. Very good, moderately priced. You would need reservations on Fri & Sat nights.

    D'Orio's in Waterbury - excellent Italian but a little pricey.

    Black Rock Tavern & Restaurant
    78 Main St, Thomaston, CT 06787

    1. The Venetian. It's probably one of Torrington's higher end restaurants. Classic old world Italian and could fit right into the scene of Boston's North End finer establishments. And for dessert, take a right out of their parking lot and a little ways down the road on the left is a fabulous Italian bakery.

      1. Thanks guys, that's a big help

        1. Birdy30 is 100% correct.
          The Venetian is one of the best restaurant in the area.
          We always go there when in Torrington.

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            I haven lived in Torrington for about 6 years but I remember the Venetian being amazing! I recommend like everyone else!