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Mar 23, 2011 02:27 PM

Boulud @ Four Seasons Yorkville Rumor

Had a guy come into my place of work a week ago and we got to talking about David Chang's arrival in TO. He tells me that Daniel Boulud is bringing a restaurant to the Four Seasons that is under construction in Yorkville. He told me he was present at the time Boulud signed on. Of course, I can't guarantee credibility or anything, but I thought it would be cool to discuss the possibility of another big NY chef opening up in a hotel in TO.

I hope it's a Cafe/Bar/DBGB; I don't think a Daniel would do well in our food scene...


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  1. after the dB bistro closed in vancouver? interesting move...

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    1. re: pinstripeprincess

      Yeah, that's why I'm still kinda skeptical...

      1. re: table4onthefly

        I think Toronto may be more conducive to the 15 course tasting menu, "flown-in" style of restaurant than Vancouver.

    2. Looks like PostCity followed up, DB's people said he's looking for a project in Toronto but nothing is signed or confirmed:


      1. Haha that was fast, now Eater has picked it up too:

        According to Eater, Toronto is officially a trend. :)

        1. Interesting. I could definitely see Boulud having success here. Oh, but my kingdom for Jean-Georges to follow this new Toronto trend...

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          1. re: peppermint pate

            On that note, I would love to see Robuchon ( L'Atelier...etc ), Ducasse ( Spoon...etc ) and Keller ( Bouchon...etc ) joining in!! Wishful thinking??!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              I'm kinda torn on the sudden movement of outside chefs into Toronto. Yes, it's great that such big name, big talent chefs are moving in, but at the same time, I can't help but feel sorry for the terrific homegrown talent we have already. If we keep growing and get the Kellers, the Vongerichtens and the Riperts into the city, what does that bode for the Walsh's, Van Gameren's and Lee's that we already have?

              Don't get me wrong, I spent time in NY kitchens under some great chefs, and I valued and cherished my time with each one, but I feel like with the Toronto food scene growing so quickly, don't you guys want to see how far we can take this on homegrown talent? Sure, I'm excited as the next guy about David Chang coming to town, and I think he'll elevate the food scene a ton, but I just don't want to see the great chefs we have in this city flushed out of town by the big name guys...

              God forbid we turn into the Las Vegas of Canada :P

              1. re: table4onthefly

                That's a fair observation, though I can't imagine all those top chefs making pilgrimage here (nor us ever becoming Vegas of the north). There just isn't the population here, nor the lifestyle (I think the average New Yorker eats 4 dinners out a week) to sustain all those spots. I just think it would be fun to have some of those star chefs set up outposts here, particularly if they can riff on one of their models to come up with something that suits the local market nicely. As for the homegrown Toronto restaurant scene, I'm with you - can't think of a time when we've had more interesting restaurants. In the last 6 weeks alone, I've had stellar meals at Beast, Woodlot, Campagnolo, Guu and Hoof Cafe (RIP) - I could stay in a continuous loop with just those for the forseeable future and be a happy, well-fed camper. But Jean-Georges, if you're listening, please, pretty please...

                1. re: peppermint pate

                  Boulud looks to confirm his deal in Toronto soon. Looks like he's crossing the border...


                  1. re: table4onthefly

                    Interesting. That hen recipe looks like a lovely spring dish - I'm going to make that.

                    1. re: table4onthefly

                      Great news!! The Sauteed diver scallop dish I had at NYC Cafe Boulud a while back was the best tasting scallop dish I had for years!!! Hope the dish appears in his new menu?! And then there's his potato wrapped sea bass with Barolo reduction!! Out of this world yummy!!!

                2. re: Charles Yu

                  If it was my kingdom I would keep the horse and not let Ducasse in

              2. Looks like we're missing out on DB's stuff for the time being... *tears*


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                1. re: table4onthefly

                  I have heard that the Montreal location will not affect Toronto at all. Still in the works, official word maybe a month away.