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What's your favorite Spring time Dish?

You ever get into certain weather-related cravings?

One of my favorite spring-time things is spinach (because the grass is slowly greening?).

So my favorite is spinach quiche and spinach bisque. Yummy!

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  1. Asaparagus to begin with, I love it fixed just about anyway, but I do enjoy it in a pasta primavera with a lemon sauce and black pepper.

    1. Fava bean and pea puree on crostini!

      1. Roast lamb shoulder, asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes, mint sauce.

        It's a May dish.

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          Was going to say almost exactly the same thing - in fact, was going to call the butcher today to get a lamb shoulder booked for Easter!

        2. Morel and Asparagus Risotto with Bacon.

          1. Roast leg of lamb with mint sauce, boiled tiny red potatoes, and peas.

            1. strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry shortcake, lightly steamed snap peas, roasted asparagus, matzo brei.

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                Pan seared wild salmon with a la greque mushrooms and morels, with asparagus, peas and favas. All on a bed of farro cooked in roasted tomatoes from the previous summer. Can't wait for this years first taste, usually around Mother's day.

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                  If you replace the steamed peas with whole shad roasted, you will have mine as well.

                2. Fresh peas (I have enough seedlings downstairs to feed an army...can't wait)

                  Asparagus -- white, green, thin, fat, steamed, sauteed, baked, grilled, cream sauced...don't care - -love it all. (and the field near me will be ready in a few more weeks. YAY)

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                    Later in April, pré-salé lamb, woohoo !!!
                    Also coming in season, a kind of kidney bean with pink veins called "coco rose" in French.

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                      I used to have a rule: no asparagus until Easter dinner. Got older and smarter and buy the earliest asparagus I can find now! Simply roast with olive oil, s & p. Nothing better!

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                        Yah !
                        For me the recipes depend on whether it is wild asparagus or white.
                        1. Wild: in risotto or in sautéed beef (Chinese)
                        2. White: braised in broth. served with vinaigrette or "tailored" mayonnaise (extra mustard).

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                          Parigi, you don't eat the green stuff?

                          By the by - there are several farms out in the 77 who bring their asparagus to the market within hours of when it was cut -- and one of them uses a marche de Noel chalet to sell asparagus right there on a corner of the field.

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                            "you don't eat the green stuff?"

                            I do too ! The wild asparagus here is green.

                            Another way to cook white asparagus, a form of cheating which I am ashamed to admit: sautéed with a tsp Dandan 擔擔 sauce. Now throw me to the wolves.

                            1. re: Parigi

                              No, I know wild asparagus is green -- sorry, I meant the green cultivated variety.

                              I have yet to have fresh asparagus cooked by any method that I would refuse to eat.

                              (they've moved the chalet out to the field....soon....sooon....soooooon)

                  2. Spring! Yeah!

                    Asparagus - just like everyone else is saying. I love it grilled, steamed with a vinegarette, in risotto, with eggs, any way at all

                    new potatoes - steamed and then served warm with a vinegarette and arugula

                    fresh garlic and garlic shoots

                    dandelion salads

                    and seeing the sun again after the long dark winter!

                    1. Asparagus is a sure harbinger of springtime. Morels sauteed with fiddlehead ferns and pan-fried shad roe are also completely spring.

                      1. Epicurious's salmon with capellini and lemon/dill/vodka cream sauce. I usually add peas and or asparagus for green.

                        1. Soft shell crabs in brown butter sauce and fiddlehead ferns.
                          Asparagus. in Italian, Asparigi. Love that word.
                          Roasted wild caught salmon with fresh from the garden peas.
                          Rhubarb pie. Or crumble, or chutney....

                          1. Another asparagus vote. My favorite way is to roast it just lightly (off-season asparagus, which I try to avoid, gets marinated in a strong dressing and roasted until almost charred) and toss with pasta, ricotta cheese, edamame, and lots of lemon zest and juice and a pinch of red pepper flakes.

                            1. Artichokes, steaming in the pressure cooker and served with mayo with fresh baby herbs mixed in (whatever is sprouting in the garden). Asparagus in so many ways. New potatoes dressed with more of those chopped baby herbs and olive oil.

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                                are artichokes better in the pressure cooker?

                                I love them, but they're so much work!

                              2. Ramps! They are available for a very limited time so I have to gorge for a week or two...

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                                  You bet. Did some of my medical training in West Virginia, in season ate them every day. Thanks for reminding me.

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                                    Ramp and morel risotto! Can't even think of a springier dish.

                                    Love ramps, love morels, and of course, I could eat my weight in roasted asparagus.

                                    1. Lamb. Asparagus. Peas (raw, please!)

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                                        Heh...about half of my pea crop never made it to the house last year (some combination of evaporation and quality control, of course). So I'm planting three times as many this year!

                                      2. New potatoes and spring peas in cream sauce. That was always the first spring dish at home when I was a kid. Morels don't show up until late May around here so I don't quite consider them spring food. I have lost track of the mushroom hunting ground we used to use but would love to take my daughter mushroom hunting this spring.

                                        1. We still have 3 feet of snow on the ground so spring is a long way off. However, I can dream about it! Our spring begins at the end of May. If we had spring produce I'd pick:

                                          - grilled asparagus with just a hint of fresh lemon juice
                                          - grilled ramps or scallions
                                          - pea shoots in salads or as a garnish on lamb, duck, etc.
                                          - scallion and garden pea soup
                                          - morels in cream sauce or risotto
                                          - wild herbs and chives/garlic chives in anything and everything (almost)
                                          - lamb, especially roasted or grilled, with fresh mint sauce
                                          - roasted baby potatoes with fresh herbs and garlic
                                          - juicy plump wild strawberries simply with cream or not!
                                          - radishes with butter and salt or oven roasted

                                          Edited to add fiddleheads sauteed in butter.

                                          1. Asparagus...