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Mar 23, 2011 01:05 PM

GOING to Brussels for 3 days! any suggestion?!

Hi there,

I am going to Brussels this weekend for three days (a bit late to plan now I know..)

I would like to be able to eat mussels and fries, waffles, some local food, and any other places you gusy would recommend me to go in these 3 days! The only problem when I was searching was that there are many places where they don't do lunches on the weekend. Some don't open on the Monday.. which makes it very difficult to plan.

At the moment I am thinking of having lunch in Arms de Bruxelles and a dinner in Chez Leon.

Also, if there are any particular tourist places you would recommend me to go please also share your views :) As this is my first time to visit Brussels!

Thank you very much :)

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  1. I don't know if you've taken a look, so I would like to direct you to the following:

    Brasseries may be your best bet for the nonstop service (so you don't need to worry about if lunch is served). I rather enjoy Brasseries Georges although it may be a bit far out of the centre for your liking.

    I wish I could offer more but in recent years, when there, I spend more time eating at home and less at restaurants-- although I will try to be sure to get a filet Americain somewhere. Frites from fritland (by the Bourse) is also an enjoyable stop.