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Mar 23, 2011 12:55 PM

Brindisi and Torino

I am going on a business trip next week which will bring me to opposite ends of the boot - Brindisi and Torino. Dining recs in both places will be appreciated.

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  1. We had an excellent dinner at Tre Gallini in Torino in October. Also had a great lunch at Eataly, believe it or not!

    1. There is a ton of info on Turin on this board, which you can find with a search. I wrote a report on my own visit that is but one of many.

      1. Pantagruele, a Slowfood place in Brindisi, looks like it would be a great choice.

        the Restaurant page listing and the underlying data if you click on each name might be a help in Torino, in addition to all the posts and reports Here - it seems like a very fine eating destination

        Salita di Ripalta, Brindisi, Puglia 72100, IT

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          Thanks, I've already made a reservation at Pantagruele. My business partner lives in Torino, so I'll probably leave that end of things to him. By the way, Torino is one of two European cities named after an animal (bull). Can anyone name the second? (I know it's not food, but it's fun).

          Salita di Ripalta, Brindisi, Puglia 72100, IT

          1. re: MarkC

            The name Torino is actually derived from a Celtic word for "mountain" (tau). When the Romans conquered the area, they put a military fort there and dubbed it Castrum Taurinorum.

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              You are right, however, Torino also means "little bull" in Italian, and is the symbol of the city, and appears in the city standard, so it is at least related. And since everyone has twisted my arm, the second city is Bern (from "bear").