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Mar 23, 2011 12:24 PM

Untitled - Danny Meyer's new restaurant at the Whitney

I had a very pleasant lunch today. The concept, as far as I could tell, is updated diner food. I liked the aged gouda grilled cheese sandwich, the green salad with chickpeas, and the salted caramel apple pie. Nothing earth shattering, but then again I don't think Untitled is aiming to be on the same level as The Modern.

Service was good. The restaurant serves Stumptown coffee and is open until 3 pm. Weekend dinners may start in a few weeks so I might return for that depending on the menu.

945 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10021

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  1. Glanced at the menu and it looks fun. I think its pretty cool they carry Four and twenty blackbirds pie for desserts.

    1. Weekend dinners will start on May 8, Saturdays and Sundays only, and will feature one three-course menu for the whole table, served family-style. The menu will change weekly and will be priced at $46 per person before drinks, tax, and tip.

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        1. It's May 8 and dinner officially started today although I heard there were some trial runs on preceding weekends. Tonight's prix fixe menu was snap pea salad, fried chicken, swordfish, mac n cheese and grilled asparagus, and banana pudding for dessert, all served family style. Bring an appetite cuz family style = lots of food.

          Amuse bouche - cheese biscuit and pickled beets. Tasty beets, biscuit was a little dry.

          Snow and snap pea salad - cool and refreshing. Also a lot. I was basically full after the salad and roll and still had the mains coming up.

          The mains all arrived at the same time.

          Fried chicken - brined to the bone, it was a tad salty, but...

          Mac n cheese - wasn't salty, but was creamy and topped w/ toasted bread crumbs. Combining w/ the fried chicken spread out the salt to an acceptable level

          Swordfish - lightly seared and raw on the inside, but warmed through and topped w/ red pepper salsa. This was the star of the meal.

          Grilled asparagus - it was grilled and made my pee smell funny.

          Banana pudding - bananas soaked in Stumptown espresso and topped w/ banana pudding and whipped cream. Sound good? It is good. Too bad I was full after the salad and stuffed after dinner.

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            Sounds delicious. Thanks for the report!