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Mar 23, 2011 11:42 AM

Sweet wine

Hi, I am italian and about a month I live in Washington dc.
I am looking for a dessert wine, like Passito di Pantelleria, a famous sweet wine/liquer italian.
I do not know what to buy.
Can you help me?

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  1. l have purchased this wine in US, as l recall same small island of Sicily that supplies the big fat salted capers that are wonderful. l checked my two favorite wine stores in DC and they do not have it, but an internet search found a lot of it in US. Check and some may be near DC. Something similar would be Moscotel de Setubal from Spain, or even a vin santo from northern Italy.

    1. Passito di Pantelleria from various producers is widely available in the United States. yields five pages of vendors of this wine. If you buy from an East Coast vendor, the shipping charges will be less. I do not believe there are any restrictions on shipping wine into Washington D.C. Internet vendors will not ship to Maryland.

      1. If part of your question is which producer makes a good Passito di Pantelleria, I like "Ben Rye" from Donnafugata. I also REALLY LIKE "Bukkuram" from di Bartoli, but that's much more expensive. If you have trouble locating PdP wines, you may be able to find Moscato Passito or Recioto di Soave.

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          No, my English is terrbile, sorry!
          I look for a suitable replacement because, for me, the best producer is only "Pelligrino" but I suppose that I can find it just in Italy.

        2. Thanks.
          So can I easily find the Moscotel de Setubal or Recioto di Soave in Washington?

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            I'm not familiar with Moscotel de Setubal, but you should be able to find Recioto di Soave in Washtington, D.C. Some producers you mind find include Gini, Pieropan, Sartori, and La Cappucina. Try Calvert Woodley Wines and Spirits ( or MacArthur Beverages (

            1. re: Brad Ballinger

              Neither of those stores have either of the wines. Think a Vin santo more closely akin to PdP than the R de soave, but Calvert Woodley has a vin Santo for a decent price.