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Mar 23, 2011 11:14 AM

early Sunday brunch for a party of 14 - must be child friendly!

Hi - I'm looking for a place to have a good brunch before the seeing the Big Apple Circus at City Hall Plaza. We will have 8 adults and 6 kids (including one who will need a high chair). Doesn't have to be within walking distance to City Hall Plaza - we are driving in and can drive from one spot to the next. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Presume you're going to the 12:30 show - Saturday or Sunday? $/pp?

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    1. re: Taralli

      Yes, 12:30 show on Sunday - under $20 per person would be ideal.

    2. If you don't mind travelling, I recommend Back Bay Social Club, which was recommended to me by another CH a few weeks ago. They are in the old Vinny T's spot on Boylston across from the Hynes. We had 6 adults, and 4 children, one of whom needed a high chair (but who ended up sleeping in the stroller). Service was prompt and friendly. Food was very good -- the Eggs Benedict/Florentine were perfectly prepared. I didn't care for the potatoes, but others liked them. [One note: Don't know if there is a changing table available.]

      Back Bay Social Club
      867 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

      1. A friend actually just told me she had a really great and kid friendly brunch at Lucky's across from the Children's Museum. I wasn't there so can't personally vouch, but she loved it.

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          don't know if friendly toast will take reservations for aparty your size but, while the food isn't spectacular, it's a good breakfast, with a wide-ranging menu and extremely kid friendly. also easy to park (lot at the cinema across the street).

        2. I'm not sure if you can fit 14 in there, but Highland Kitchen is great. Food is cheap, but very high quality, and it has all the best Southern fixings, like Shrimp n' Grits and Fried Green Tomatoes. It's in Somerville, though, which isn't close to anything in Boston.

          Highland Kitchen
          150 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

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          1. re: The Food Buster

            I love the Highland Kitchen brunch, but as the adoptive mother of an 11 year old who is emotionally much younger, and easily over stimulated, I'd caution against this venue before the circus. There is great live music and my son loves to dance....but it's crowded, loud, and packed...and might well induce sensory fatigue before you even get to the circus among young children.

            Highland Kitchen
            150 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

          2. Try Union in the South End -- they have a great brunch and an early bird type special ($10 if I remember correctly) on Sundays. The waitstaff is lovely, the room is comfortable and parking shouldn't be a bear on Washington Street. We love it.

            Union Bar and Grille
            1357 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118

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            1. re: ebaba

              I second Union in the South End.

              1. re: michela

                We went to Union last Sunday on the recommendation of another friend and we were less than impressed. It looked so promising but didn't deliver. First, we arrived right at 10 for our reservation, sat down and ordered within 15 minutes. We did not get our food until 11am! That is a LONG time to wait...especially with kids. The OJ was fantastic but the coffee cake tasted overcooked and stale. My french toast was undercooked in the middle - felt like I was eating soggy bread. I wanted to love this place but didn't..

                Thanks everyone for taking the time to post - I'm going to try the other places listed too.

                1. re: cbcb

                  i really like union for dinner but our first (and only) brunch there last yr. was expensive, relatively speaking, and really disappointing/uninspiring/lacking.

                  My rec is for East Coast Grill which, while in Inman Sq, Cambridge, is only about 15 min. from city hall on sundays(straight shot down cambridge st. to mem. drive to S and P bridge to Cambridge St.)

                  We went again today and had a blast along w/ the packed house there every Sunday. Here's link to my review. Such a fun place; lots of kids and their kids; and what a deal is their delicious bountiful food ! I would call them during the week and ask for help with the reservation because it is going to be a packed wkend.


                  check out this great menu!


                  East Coast Grill and Raw Bar
                  1271 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139