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Mar 23, 2011 10:30 AM

Maki Zushi, near the convention center or somewhere else

I read old reviews 2008-2010 on the board about Maki Zushi and wanted to be sure they were still in for good reviews and open.

We are coming to Disneyland and want really good sushi for our Sunday night dinner. Should Maki Zushi be our destination or are there other suggestions. We are able to head to Huntington Beach or Laguna or anywhere with in a 30 minute drive from the Happiest place on earth.


Maki Zushi
1641 Edinger Ave # 101, Tustin, CA

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  1. Did you check out the CH board comments on Sushi Shibucho in Costa Mesa by any chance?

    ADD: Please take into account that the single bad "review" from someone who seems to have come to CH ONLY to rag on Shibucho is countered by this long time CH poster:

    Sushi Shibucho
    590 W 19th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    1. Check to see if your favorite place is open on Sunday Night. Sushi bars are often not open on Sunday nights. I believe Shibucho is open those nights.

      3114 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057

      1. I have not been to Shibucho, but I do trust the positive reviews that they have here.

        My top 3 sushi bars in OC, in order, are Sen Shi Go in Newport on Main Street, Maki Zushi, and Bluefin on PCH. Of these, Maki is the most freeway friendly, not far off the 5, but they are closed on Sundays. So if that is your one day for sushi, you need to go elsewhere.

        San Shi Go Sushi and Asian Cuisine
        205 Main St, Newport Beach, CA 92661

        Bluefin Restaurant
        7952 E. Pacific Coastal Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92657