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Mar 23, 2011 09:16 AM

aburi sushi in HK

i'll be goin to hk on a short 2-day trip and i just want a few really good places for aburi sushi.

also, are there any top-quality-for-taste places for 1)yakitori and 2)teppanyaki that's open for lunch or during the day?

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  1. Strongly recommend Wa San Mai (和三昧) for Teppanyaki. It is actually the original 千登世 before changing name. One of the top one in HK. They have good value lunch set (~250HKD) a person. But if you want Saga beef, it will be expensive. I really like their seared foie gras on bread (which is included in their lunch set as well).

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    1. re: skylineR33

      thanks! I was think of matsubishi as price is not an issue for me.. at least during those 2 days!

      I might just go for ginza sushi kyu at 12 then leave at 1.30 and rush to matsubishi for another run!

      still deciding where to for dinner on the 1st day..

      1. re: gloke

        I like Matsubishi too, it is a bit cheaper and quality a bit lower than Wa San Mai.