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Mar 23, 2011 07:10 AM

The Company Burger

We just passed the sign on Freret next to the new Anytime Fitness.

Does anyone know anything about this venture? They have a minimal website and facebook page.

I checked and don't see any information.

We're curious and would love a good burger place nearby!

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  1. Is it open? Adam Biderman is the chef/proprietor. Freret and Oak Street are certainly picking up steam. Tru Burger should be open soon as well. Maybe the lines will shrink at MVB. New Orleans burgeoning food scene is great to see. Long time coming, worth the wait, I suppose.

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    1. re: CharlieH

      Thanks! It's not open yet and I think the facebook page cited late June although the article below mentions april...

      I came across this article after you mentioned the chef... might be of interest for anyone searching MVB, Tru Burger, The Company Burger or Cowbell.

    2. IT'S OPEN AND IT IS DELICIOUS!!! Had quite a few items on the menus, all very very good.

      Excellent quality meat, excellent local bun, Adam's fresh homemade pickles, and the condiment bar with plenty house made options. THE CORN HOG- this menu item won adam n team first place at the local Hogs for the Cause pork cookoff. its basically a corn dog put switch the dog for pork belly, i have personally witnessed this thing steal v-cards!!! (vegetarian card!)

      Atmosphere is great, with a wicked homemade lean-to table where you can stand and eat, not to mention you can occasionally watch them grind their own meat behind the glass partition.

      As of this week the liquor license has been acquired, their native and original drinks are quite tasty. i think he might have had some help from the Cure bar down the street. which leads me to my next point... the Ferret street atmosphere is catching wind, this place is jumping with activity that is great to see compared to its run down state just a couple months back.

      give it a try and you'll be going back for more.

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        Ive been through a few Freret renovations and I am hopeful this one will "take." If it does, we should put up a statue to the late Bill Long who woked so hard for the neighborhood 30 years ago.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          Had the lamb burger with a yogurt-y dressing and grilled onions. Delicious! Juicy, decadent burger. Sweet potato fries and iced tea, nice lunch. Lot bigger space than I thought, but it was filling up fast with the noon crowd. Can't wait to go back and try the other offerings.

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            Went on Friday night (in the rain) and everything was great. The burgers were delicious, the fries were fresh, and everyone went home fat & happy. Also, the service was great. Food came out fairly quickly, the condiment bar was well stocked, and the owner, Adam, was very nice and seemed genuinely interested in our opinions. We will go back.

          2. Best of the new burger joints by a wide margin. Exactly what a burger should be. Great bun, perfectly cooked meat, not overcooked, and with a wonderful crust. Bustling scene, full of energy, but not to the point of distraction. Fries and onion rings are also exceptional.

            1. Company Burger loses points with me for no tomatoes or lettuce, but good burger nonetheless. I think I actually prefer Tru Burger overall. Tru's burger was meatier-tasting, plus they have lettuce and tomato, so you can get it fully dressed. Jury's still out though since I've only been once to each.