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Mar 23, 2011 07:10 AM

Where is the best brunch in the Rhinebeck, Hyde Park, Red Hook, Kingston Area?

My Sunday tradition with friends is to pick up a copy of the Times and meet for brunch. I recently moved to Rhinebeck and have been going to one restaurant compulsively. I love the brunch menu, but want to know what others from the area have tried and liked or disliked.
Which restaurant makes the best bloody mary? Can you find a trad. english breakfast in the area?

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  1. The resturant I would suggest does not serve bloody marys nor a traditional English breakfast. What is does offer is something that is hard to find.....tradition. Try the Village Diner in Red Hook. It was built in the 1920s, the wait staff are unbelievely friendly and the food, while being diner food, is a step above most of them. The "locals" love the place and the weekenders take over on Saturday and Sunday. And they sell the Times next door in Stewarts.

    1. You should try Fork in the Road, which is in Milan on Route 199. They do an excellent brunch using many top quality local ingredients (local eggs, Northwind Farm sausages, yummy home made hash, as well as cake/pies/muffins). It's a popular place for enlightened locals and "city people" alike, and they always have several copies of the NYTimes available for perusal. It's also child friendly. In Rhinebeck, Calico (across from Beekman Arms) does a good (and slightly more formal) brunch. Also keep your eye out for dates for the various Volunteer Fireman's breakfasts on Sunday. There is one at Milan Town Hall about once a month, and the Rhinebeck Volunteer Fire Dept and the West Clinton Fire Dept also occasionally do one. Though perhaps not as impressive as restaurant brunch fare, they are generally tasty, cheap, provide an interesting peak into local life, and the money goes to a good cause! The Milan Town Hall breakfast includes the locally made in Rhinebeck pancake mix and maple syrup.

      1. I love the Village diner ( almost always a wait for a table weekends) love another fork in the road, and especially love the firemans breakfast's. All three are completely different experiences with the latter being the type of experience Charles Kuralt would have seeked out and featured on "On the road with Charles Kuralt" many, many characters... Unfortunately last time I attended one of these breakfasts (I think it was Elizaville volunteers) I learned it would be their last due to increased/stiffer government regs for the volunteers. Not sure how the other local fire departments are dealing with this.

        1. I haven't tried the brunch, but the Rhinecliff hotel advertises some jazz brunches I've considered going to. Should be great on a nice day, overlooking the river and listening to jazz.

          Rhinecliff Hotel
          4 Grinnell, Rhinecliff, NY 12574

          1. I have a new brunch spot for you emilyhostile. We stopped in the Hyde Park Brewery for lunch after church a few weeks ago and we were stunned by the delicious brunch menu they now serve on Sundays. I can't get enough of the eggs Benedict with house made English muffins and clearly house made hollandaise sauce. They had a special called the norseman that had smoked salmon and dill hollandaise that I can't get out of my mind, it was so good. And they have a $1 kids brunch menu (just pancakes or eggs, but still it's good). If you try it, let me know what you think!