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Edmonton "Chic"

I need help to find a chic restaurant (and good :-) to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.
Any suggestions?
Thank you very much!!

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  1. can you define 'chic'? When I think of chic, it doesn't translate to what someone might want for a 50th anniversary... I would tend to say Corso32 right now in terms of chic, but it would't be a good choice probably for what you are looking for.

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    1. re: Dan G

      Thanks for you answer-question!
      What I have in mind is a classy restaurant where they pamper their clients.
      Maybe a traditionnal French restaurant?
      I saw Characters website: what do you think? Do you know that place? It looks very nice

      1. re: 914Annie

        I'm not really big on traditional French unless I am in France, and don't think Edmonton really has something that would really fit that description anyway. Blue Pear would be my first choice for a major event like an anniversary. Modern eclectic for people with a bit of a sense of adventure...
        I've had good food at Characters. Not what I would consider chic. Madisons might be a good choice too. Or Hardware. Are you more interested in food or atmosphere?

        Blue Pear Restaurant
        10643 123 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P3, CA

        1. re: Dan G

          I agree with Dan. Blue Pear/Hardware/Red Ox.

          Corso 32/Niche/The Marc...great additions to Edmonton but maybe not pampering enough or for that special night.

          I always hear very mixed things about Characters.

      1. My picks would be:

        Red Ox
        Blue Pear
        Madison's (they have a 6-course tasting menu for $85)

        Although I have not been to The Marc yet it has an excellent reputation.

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        1. re: chefathome

          for some reason, I never think of Red Ox as a special occassion restaurant (which is what I assume the person wants for a 50th anniversary). Great food, maybe best in the city...maybe I eat there too often so it becomes 'normal' to me - had another great meal there last night so it should be in the front of my mind.

          Again, I think it might come down to atmosphere. Corso32 is in top 4 or 5 for food but having been there twice now I wonder if I were celebrating a 50th anniversary would I go there given how loud it is (doesn't bother me, but probably not to everyone's liking).

          1. re: Dan G

            Actually, that is true about corso32. I love the food but it can be loud.

            We live three hours from Edmonton so unfortunately do not get to Red Ox very often. Wish we did, though.

        2. Ok, this might get scoffs as far as the "chic" factor goes, but I think as far as food goes and pampering, Normand's might fit the bill nicely. :) Also, Sorrentino's downtown has a nice private room that could serve your group well although you didn't mention how many people would be attending.

          4208 Calgary Trail South, Edmonton, AB T6J 6Y8, CA

          1. How many people in your party?

            1. We will be approx 20.
              What do you think of Union Bank Inn?
              (some are out of town and could also stay at the Inn I guess)

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                We just stayed there last weekend (and have in the past as well) and loved it. This time we had a Groupon voucher for half price which is awesome. Breakfast is also included with the price.

                We've been to Madison's Grill several times and have always had superb and discreet service and delicious food. The tasting menu is fun and decadent. Last time it included pheasant, duck, bison and foie gras. It is slightly over-priced but the menu is decadent. The renovations really opened up the space and it truly is atmospheric.

                Whenever we've been to the Union Bank Inn or Madison's Grill we've felt very spoiled.

                1. re: 914Annie

                  914 Amie,
                  Twenty is a good number, as most higher end Edmonton restaurants can only accomodate up to 30 people in their private rooms.
                  We think very highly of the Blue Pear, and have had family functions there, but we have found that some of our guests do not appreciate their portions and style.

                  Although it is not often mentioned in this board, we have found Packrat Louie's to be a good place for family celebrations. Their kitchen is competent and their menu and wine list have a wide range of choices. They have a room on the side ( where the bar is ) which you can use for a private party , and there is enough room for cocktails and appetizers before dinner as well as to circulate and mingle.

                  We like the food at the Red Ox Inn, but the space would only work if they close the restaurant for your function. And it is a bit out of the way.

                  I have not been to La Boheme in eons but at one time they offered a unique combination of accomodations and restaurant ( and a wonderful weekend brunch)

                  I have only been to the Union Bank for business breakfasts. Many people like it a lot but for some reason it has not been at the top of my list to try for dinner and we always end up elsewhere. It could be very convenient, given that I suspect your group will include older, less mobile people. On the other hand it might feel a little claustrophobic staying there and taking all your meals there.

                  We have also enjoyed staying at the Macdonald (hotel) and walking over to the Hardware Grill for dinner. The Mac common areas and view are arguably one of the best in Edmonton. And brunch in the Empire ballroom is impressive as much for the decor as for its excess.

                  Lastly, depending on the inclinations of your guests they might enjoy a stay at the River Cree, although I would not consider it "tres chic"

                  Blue Pear Restaurant
                  10643 123 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P3, CA

                  Red Ox Inn
                  9420 91 Street, Edmonton, AB T6C 3P4, CA

                  1. re: felix the hound

                    I find it odd people not being happy with portions at Blue Pear. Style I can see. It is a bit out there sometimes though I think lately actually seems to be moving in a more simplistic direction. But by the end of the meal I have always come away absolutely stuffed. I think for 20 people they might even let you have the whole space. Edit: just looked at their website and you need 25 for the whole place

                    Blue Pear Restaurant
                    10643 123 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P3, CA

                    1. re: Dan G

                      Dan G:

                      I have not been to the location in quite some time, it was still Anjou then.

                      What do you mean by, "It is a bit out there sometimes..."?

                      1. re: Bob Mac

                        I think that for a while - he may have toned it down a bit or maybe I'm just getting more used to it :) - darcy was really trying to push the envelope with every dish. I go to bp at least quarterly, which means between my wife and I trying a good percentage of the menu and I would say on most nights there was something that didn't work because theu were just trying to hard to make something different and unique. It was always interesting - and intriguing enough to make me want to order it- just not always good. And never would I say that a dish's downfall was because of either bad execution of an idea or less than stellar ingredients: they always deliver exactly  what they want you to have just sometimes how that concept works on paper is better than how it actually works on a plate. That said, the last couple of years everything has been spot on. But again, is it because they have changed or I have? Don't know...

                        1. re: Dan G

                          Dan G:

                          Got it. Thanks for the reply and [at least for me] clarification/explanation.

                          1. re: Dan G

                            Good clarification. I am glad we have at least one restaurant in Edmonton that challenges the palate and our culinary concepts while respecting the ingredients.

                    2. re: 914Annie

                      Maybe Sabor Divino? They have neat little room to the side of their dining area that might fit that many people. Not sure how many chairs you can get in there.

                      Sabor Divino Restaurant & Lounge
                      10220 103 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Y8, CA

                      1. re: anonymoose

                        I am one of the people that is a big fan of Characters, granted I have only been there 2x, but each time was superb. I feel this place would fit your bill, and they have beautiful private rooms downstairs.
                        Blue Pear would certainly be on my list as well, they do pamper you, and with a set menu and multiple courses along with wine pairing, it is very chic in my mind.
                        While I loved the Marc, I would not recommend it for this occasion, great food, but too casual.

                        Has anyone been to Sage lately? I haven't been for ages, last time was for the king crab special a couple years ago, we were not impressed. We used to sing its praises.

                        Blue Pear Restaurant
                        10643 123 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P3, CA

                        1. re: cleopatra999

                          We went for dinner to Characters based on my wife's good experiences at lunch and were underwhelmed by the food and the service. It was not commensurate with the prices or the billing. The room is nondescript at best.