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Mar 23, 2011 06:30 AM

Barcelona next week, no reservations yet!

I'll be in Barcelona this Friday to next Thursday. I haven't had a chance to make reservations, and now I'm regretting it. Finally did some research on here, and these are the places we're most interested in:

Cal Pep, Bar Pinotxo at the Boqueria, Kaiku for lunch, Tickets, Hisop.

I just tried making reservations at Tickets and Hisop, but no luck. The responses on the website were a little confusing, but I'm guessing the reservations didn't go through just because they're booked. Is it worth showing up at either without a reservation? I'm guessing that Tickets is impossible. This trip is a little last minute, so by the time I was able to research places they were booked, I guess. We would like at least one fancy, nice, modern cuisine dinner. Is there any place we could still get into or just show up at? Crazy impossible? Doable if we go at an off time?

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  1. I guess Tickets hold a VERY small # of tables for walk-ins. But it will be tough from what I hear.
    It's been a few years since we were in Barcelona. But we really had fun at Moo at the Hotel Omm when we were there. They may still have reservations available if you check now. I recommend it. We are going back there when we are in town in May.
    Also, if Tickets falls through. I think you can still get a res at 41 degrees. And you can sample some avant-garde snacks there.

    1. When I go to the sites for 41 Degrees or Tickets, it shows dates and times available (in bold). I choose those and click through, and it says those options can't be chosen anymore. Am I missing something or are they just booked but not clear?

      I'm happy to look elsewhere if you guys have suggestions of places you think we could still get into.

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        Yeah. They have issues on the website. It's not too well organized. You'll have to fish a lot at Tickets.
        If 41 is booked also and you don't want to wait on the off-chance of a walk-in (and who could blame you). I stick with my suggestion of Moo. We enjoyed it very much. And if you are looking for a fun/fancy multicourse tasting menu. It would fit the bill. If you love wine, their wine pairings are excellent. I guess their sommelier has won a ton of awards. Check the Hotel Omm website for online reservations.

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          For alternative to Hisop, search this board for places such as Gresca, Embat, Coure, L'Olive as they are similar in cooking style and cost; Sauc, Cinc Sentits, Alkimia are a little more expensive. Moo is good but more molecular and about twice as expensive as Hisop. Many of these places are small (about 40 seats or less and do not turn their tables). Dropping by and hoping for a table doesn't work though one can be lucky. Another option if it is a place that is a 'must' for you is to call the day before or the morning as ask if there is a cancellation. It is time to use the telephone rather dealing with online as your time in Barcelona is coming up very soon. Best time to call is right before their dinner service, from 8pm to 9pm.
          The Adria places are too hot to deal with unless you are very patient. My Barcelona friends just laugh when I mention them.

          1. re: PBSF

            You might try emailing Hisop directly if you had problems with their reservation online. I did, and they were quite nice and responded in English.

            1. re: jinx

              Thanks, I did go ahead and e-mail Hisop. Hopefully, that'll turn something up. I've just been mapping out the restaurants and I noticed that we're staying right near Embat. Does anyone know whether reservations are absolutely necessary there?

              1. re: suprt8str

                Except a few high end places, reservations is not 'absolutely' necessary. I truly believe it is a good idea to. If a restaurants have a table available, they will probably seat you; but one will be taking a chance. That includes Embat. It's cooking is similar to Hisop but a bit less polish and a little cheaper. If you are staying in the middle of the Eixample, most of the modern Catalan restaurants recommended on this board are within walking distance. Since you are spending quite a few days in Barcelona and can be flexible on which day, you will definitely able to get a a table at one of the above, even if you make your reservations after you get to the city. Friday and Saturday will be difficult. All closed Sundays.

                1. re: PBSF

                  I got a reservation for Hisop! Thanks for the recommendation to e-mail them directly.

                  1. re: suprt8str

                    great! I hope you'll report back on how you like it. We go in a few weeks.