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Mar 23, 2011 06:03 AM

Searching for the name of restaurant new Union Square...

This is an odd question, but I'm just trying to find out the name of a restaurant near Union Square but don't have much to go on. My friend lived in an NYU dorm one summer in college (around 2002) and remembers a restaurant across the street from the dorm (doesn't remember the dorm name or the street! Near Union Square but not right on the square) that was well-known, she thinks it's Italian and had been around for a long time. She once saw Drew Barrymore going in. And now she wants to go there for her birthday. Any help is appreciated!

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    1. It could have been Sal Anthony's (which I think is closed), Paul & Jimmy's, Buona Sera, or maybe even Pete's Tavern. But you need to get more info out of this girl. That, or call Drew Barrymore and see if she knows.

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        I think calling Drew would be it isn't Union Square Cafe. She says "nice Italian, didn't have as big of an awning" as Union Square Cafe. Small h, I'm running down your suggestions next. Thanks to you both.

      2. The dorm was Brittany Hall, at 55th and Broadway.

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          Brittany Hall is at 55 E. 10th St. The restaurant was probably Il Cantinori, which is (sort of) across the street at 32 E. 10th.