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Mar 23, 2011 01:55 AM

What is this Chinese pastry called?

My grandma has been getting us this bread a few times a year ever since I was a kid. I've seen it in the bakery we go to in Chinatown, NY, but I never ordered it myself. I moved out of the area about five months ago and though I haven't visited many Chinese bakeries here (in Las Vegas), I haven't seen it in any of the ones I have stopped in. I was thinking of trying to make it myself. Does anyone know what it's called (picture attached) and, if anyone has it, would you mind sharing a recipe? :)

If not, I can try to find it when I know what it's called. I tried googling different keywords and "chinese sweet bread" seems to be a popular combination, but I haven't seen anything too similar unless the recipe is the same, but the way people are making it is different. I have seen individual buns in pictures, but in my photo, the bread in question is in a round foil container in the middle of the shelves.

Unfortunately, because the picture was taken on my phone, I can't make out the words when I zoom in on the label.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: I apologize if this should go on another board. Since I'm looking for the recipe, too, I thought I'd post it here.

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  1. It's hard to tell by the pic, sorta reminds me of King's Hawaiian Bread :)
    The only thing close that I've seen around LA/OC Chinese bakeries, is brioche.

      1. Uh, there are like at least 7 different types of bread in your pic. Which one (or ones) are you referring to?

        If you are in Vegas, go to either Sunville or Crown Bakeries in Chinatown and you should be able to find the same types of buns and pastries in your photo.

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          In my original post, I said that they're the ones in the round foil containers in the middle of the shelves.

          Thanks, I'll check those out.

        2. I believe it's just called Chinese sweet bun. It's soft, sweet, and milky. I used a japanese sweet bread recipe and it comes out pretty close.

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            I found a few sites that mentioned something like that. I was going to try out this recipe since the texture looked right:


            1. Looks like they're sweet or savory dinner rolls bunched together in an aluminum tin or pie plate. Search ... Chinese dinner rolls for recipes.

              Look -->

              Look here too -->

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                These are it! When I google them, some pictures look similar to what I'm familiar with, but not close enough, so I wasn't sure if they were different breads. These look pretty much what I get, though.