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Mar 22, 2011 09:14 PM

Restaurant Le Mimosa in Languedoc - open again

I just received an email from the Le Mimosa that they have decided to open again! This was by far our favorite restaurant in the Languedoc area and well worth the drive into the middle of nowhere to get there.

We stayed at the Le Hôtel du Mimosa and it was nice - not too expensive and a clean room with ok bed. It was maybe a bit far away from the restaurant after champagne and a bottle of wine between two, but only one of us had a digestif (the one not driving!).

Guess that means we need to plan a trip down south soon!

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  1. Thank you. I have enjoyed the Mimosa many times in the past. I love the food, and David always finds quite delicious and reasonably priced local wines. Always a treat to go there.

    1. Great tip, especially when I love Pezenas which is not far away.
      It would be helpful if you mentioned it was near Pezenas by the way, because le Mimosa in Langedoc is as informative as, dunno, a place called Joe's in Texas. :-)

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        It is actually about 20km west of Montpelier in the village of Saint Guaraud, near Gignac. The hotel is a few km north in St. Saturnin. A visit to the Terrasse de Mimosa, their winebar in Montpeyroux, ices the cake. Great representation of Languedoc wines, good food, knowledgeable staff.

        Go for David's pairing with local wines.

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          "Saint Guaraud" You mean Saint Guiraud.

      2. We went to Le Mimosa last week and had a great meal. We went for the Menu Capricieux, which is their selection of six dishes including cheese and pudding. It was near as dammit faultless - the only bum-note being my dessert.

        We had foie gras with beetroot and an apple salad; homemade pasta with prawns and a nice chilli kick; sea bass with a tahini sauce, and something quite bitter, which I couldn't identify; fillet of beef flambeed with Laphroaig, with tiny (and delicious) peppercorns served on dauphinoise potatoes and with a foie gras cream - all of these were absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked. If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be the beef, but I loved all of them.

        The cheese board was great - a large choice of sheeps, goats and cows milk cheeses. The wines they selected to accompany each course were also excellent - all Languedoc wines, and many from the immediate area. I had the pavlova for dessert, and, as a bit of an expert on this, I was very disappointed - there was none of the lovely crunchy and chewy exterior that I love, and only token pieces of fruit - so I just had the soft meringue with cream, which seemed to miss the point of pavlova really.

        We stayed in their hotel, which is slightly over 2 km away in St Saturnin. We walked to and from the restaurant, which was fine - we took a torch for the walk back, which we only needed to turn on when a car was coming. I think I read somewhere that they are able to provide transport if requested, but I'm not sure - we enjoyed the walk anyway.

        I would go again at the drop of a hat (and if we could afford it - it ain't cheap). It was one of the best meals I've ever had, and the hotel was lovely. It's also in a great location for exploring the beautiful Gorges d'Herault.

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          Does anyone know whether le mimosa will be open summer/fall 2012? Thanks