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ISO the best sandwich in YYC

I've been craving for a well made sandwich lately full of meaty or veggie goodness. Whether it be a grilled cheese, philly cheese steak, or banh mi, where is one of the best places to have a mouth watering sandwich?

I'd have to say that one of my favorite so far would be the Philly cheese steak at Sunterra. Although it isnt a true Philly Cheese steak, the tenderness of the beef and the awesome sauce drives me crazy knowing that I cant have one anytime soon.

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  1. My best recent sandwich was the grilled cheese at Dairy Lane. I went with the gruyere on sourdough...simple - but perfection.

    Dairy Lane Cafe
    319 19 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2J2, CA

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      This just in!

      All this talk of sandwiches inspired me to drop in at the cowtown beef shack on thursday aft. I was chatting with the owner when he mentioned that he has a brand new smoker that he can leave on all night. I'm told that he should have pulled pork and brisket sandwiches by next week! Could be a great addition to the menu. Drive through BBQ would be awesome if it's done well. I do know the owner takes a lot of pride in his products so I've got faith it will be pretty good even if it takes a few weeks to figure out the subtleties of the new smoker.

    2. The one sandwich I cannot get enough of right now is the Beef and Cheddar at Cowtown Beef Shack. I order it with orions and horseradish. For $8, it is packed with awesomeness.

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        Should mention here that Cowtown closes at 5p on weekdays. Not sure about weekends, but get there for lunch on weekdays.

      2. Roast chicken sandwich at Boxwood Cafe! It's the preserved lemon and basil aioli combined with the toothsome ciabatta that makes it. I'm still trying to replicate it at home.

        Kind of on the opposite side of the meat sandwich spectrum from a Philly cheese steak, though.

        1. I love the Ban Mi at Kim Anh subs on 17th Ave, Montreal Smoked Meat at King of Subs in the NE, Lina's Italian Market on Centre St (either a pre-made one or buying the fresh foccacia and hitting up the awesome deli), and just today, I had the Traditional at Mercato on 4th street (with on of Mamma Cathy's huge homemade donuts...) Oh and Peppino in Kensington is always great too...

          1. Keith's Deli makes good, simple sandwiches.

            1. The shish tawook at Cedar's was my favourite sandwich when I lived in Calgary. Not sure if it would impress me now, but it was my first exposure to shish tawook, and I've been enjoying various versions ever since!

              1. These posts are making me hungry!!

                1. Some of the my favorite sandwiches are:

                  Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarines - Look for the lunch line up at 209 1st st SE (across from Harry Hays Building. Try the Beef Sate!

                  At the next 3 places everything is excellent and the locations all strive to use local suppliers and organic ingredients:

                  Rise Bakery & Cafe http://risebakery.com/

                  Deville Luxury Coffee and Pastries at Fashion Central http://www.devillecoffee.ca/

                  Caffe Rosso http://www.cafferosso.ca/

                  Flafel King on Steven Avenue Mall http://www.falafelking.ca/

                  Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine
                  209 1 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2G3, CA

                  1. not in Calgary, but the Railway Deli in Canmore makes excellent sandwiches.

                    I like the donairs and chicken shwarmas at A&A deli. (i used to complain about the staff there, but they've really matured/cleaned up their act. no more throwing food, messing up your order everytime, etc.)

                    tazza also makes excellent shwarmas - great fresh herbs. mmm.

                    and again, KEITH'S DELI!!!! this place has been around for 30 or 40 years and is one of the few places in calgary that would be worthy of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I can't beleive there isn't more hype about this place on CH.

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                      I'll second the vote for Tazza. Freshest shawarma I've had in town with the best ingredients and professional/friendly service.

                      Also Meyers Deli beside Galaxie Diner. Really good and authentic (from what I've been told) Montreal smoked meat sandos and reubens..... my personal favorite. The juicy smoked meat is piled high on rye and you get to choose from a good selection of mustards. The sandwich comes with pickles, slaw, and chips, which I find to be a nice touch.

                      Honorable mention to Cowtown Beef Shack. I had a pretty good beef dip there last week. It had grilled onions, melted cheese and horse radish if I'm not mistaken....the au jus was piping hot and somehow I managed to not ruin the interior of my car while eating that sucker!

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                        i've never heard of Meyers, but hot damn that sounds good! is it take out or can you dine in?

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                          Either way you like. It's a cool little spot if you just want to sit down for a quick lunch. I actually think they've got hot dogs too which seem like they might be a step above the typical bologna tubes you usually find in cowtown. That being said I've never tried them because the smoked meat is so good.

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                              Thanks I had a feeling I spelled it wrong

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                            Yeah I went to Myrhe's the first week of March.

                            Excellent. Meat was unbelievable. Pickle was great too. Price was extremely reasonable.

                            I actually went there when they first opened with the other name (can't remember what it was), and the meat was oversteamed. So they've definitely improved.

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                            just got back from Keith's, and learned that the little toddler boy is the 4th generation "working" in the deli - he's Keith's great-grandson. awesome! i always thought the guy was Keith, but he must be Keith's son.

                          3. Janice Beaton has really great sandwiches. This week, I had one with brie, bacon, & caramelized onions (with a side of coleslaw) for 7.50.

                            1. L'Epicerie (12 Ave and Macleod Trail SE) has some great baguette sandwiches.

                              1325 1 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5L1, CA

                              1. My favorite place for a sandwich is Bella Crusta in downtown Canmore. Their Foccacia sandwiches are to die for! I recommend the BBQ beef one.
                                As for in the city, I was at the Lazy Loaf And Kettle today, and was quite impressed! Pricey, but delicious sandwiches!

                                1. Well, last night I made use of my livingsocial coupon for Crush and had the opportunity to taste their Montreal Smoked meat sandwich with sauerkraut and sauteed onions and a side of yam fries. It was huge! I would've liked more onions but other than that it was nice and meaty. It had to have at least an inch or two of meat piled on that sandwich which ended up being too much for me, so I only had half of the sandwich.

                                  I had the opportunity to try my friends pulled pork sandwich which had a really nice, slow kick to it with a hint of smoky bbq flavor, definitely not overwhelming and really lets the pork shine through. Definitely something I would get next time.