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Mar 22, 2011 08:10 PM

Cooking with tobacco?

Do you?

I've started experimenting with it and find that it opens up a whole new realm of flavor possibilities.

Thus far, I've done the following:

- Tobacco ice cream
- Chinese smoked chicken (instead of tea leaves, it was tobacco leaves)
- Marinade for pork chops
- Braised oxtail

What about you?

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    1. re: magiesmom

      i agree... why?
      wouldnt u get nicotine from the tobacco?
      and some of my relatives have quit smoking...i dont think i would give them some tobacco ice cream..

      1. re: srsone

        For the taste.

        One can get addicted to alot of things ... alcohol, anyone? But that's never been a prohibitive criteria.

    2. I would worry about the poisons too, and I believe there are more than nicotine.
      What actually do you use? Fresh tobacco leaves? Cigar tobacco you buy in pouches?
      I'm curious as to the flavor that imparts to food.

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      1. re: noodlepoodle

        Pipe tobacco is what I used.

        As far as flavor, the best so for has been the ice cream.

        Coffee/espresso + tobacco ice cream = just outstanding.
        Chocolate + tobacco ice cream = very very good.

        For the ice cream, I just infused the custard/milk with the tobacco.

        The flavor it imparts? A subtle bitter heat not unlike what a muted horseradish powder (without the nasal afterburn) might taste like.

      2. First, for preparations that involve using the tobacco smoke, I would think that the type of tobacco used, much like the type of wood used for barbecue, makes a significant difference. For example, your chicken might be tasty if done with certain pipe tobaccos I've tasted, but is not appealing to me (at least conceptually) using the more acrid smoke that comes from many cigarette tobacco blends.

        Second, years ago, I experimented with a couple batches of chili using some cigar tobacco and ash. Frankly, I don't recall what the impetus was for the experiment (something I read, I assume), but the results were good. There was a hint of deep, earthy flavors introduced. In a way, I would say it allowed similar notes to those resulting from the use of chocolate in some chili recipes or moles.

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        1. re: MGZ

          For example, your chicken might be tasty if done with certain pipe tobaccos I've tasted


          Bingo! Pipe tobacco is exactly what I used for the smoked chicken. It was a cherry-infused tobacco. Good stuff, at least for cooking.

        2. Watch out for second hand smoke.

          1. I had a tobacco sorbet on a wine tour in Mendoza. My friends and I were skeptical but 3 out of 4 enjoyed it.