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Mar 22, 2011 06:58 PM

rec for private chef?

My husband and I are travelling to New Orleans in November with 12-14 friends. We are renting a large house in the Garden District and would like to do a dinner party with a private chef one night.

Can anyone recommend someone that could come to the house to prepare a dinner party? We'd like someone that can bring delicious food with a strong NO influence.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I wouls start with some of the local caterers. Many have a lot of experience with uptown parties. They may bring in some dishes and cook maybe the entree and desert on site. A more economical version is to order from one of the local groceries that do upscale take out.

    I know of two possibilities, one an uptown lady who did some wonderful things for a buffet I went to late last fall. She is not a chef but a great cook that has eased into catering by popular demand. The second is a professional Chef who got out of the grind and now does menu and receipe consulting. I'll try to track them down, see if they are interested, and if they want their name made public by posting it here to you.

    1. I would highly recommend Greg and Mary Sonnier. They ran the wildly popular restaurant Gabrielle before Katrina but have not been able to reopen due to zoning laws. Now, they run a catering business on Henry Clay Ave. called The Uptowner and the food is just as delicious as ever. I don't know if they do on-site work, but it would be worth it to investigate. The listed business number is 504-899-6500.

      1. What fun! First decide on what your budget can be and what type of event: formal, seated multi-courses with wines or more laid-back and casual & if you want it to be where the "Chef" talks about the menu and if the rental property has everything needed (china, linens, barware....)

        If money is not an issue then contact Joel's - IMHO the premier catererer - to see if they could do a weeknight event. Another option to ask your top 3 restaurants to do a private event at the home - this would be along the lines of what they do for charity events - if you selected from whatever menu they are doing that week it will be suprisingly reasonable for food costs.

        I did a couple of back-to-back corporate private home events (20-25 at each seated) a few years back using Martin Wine Cellar for everything and it was great, although the focus was the wines but the guy who spoke from MWC was perfect. If I did again, I'd order desserts from another vendor rather than MWC though.

        If costs are an issue, then perhaps contact Mary Bartholomew at Delgado Culinary to see if the students wanted to do your dinner as a paid catering project (staff & food). With your lead time it could be worked into the fall semester. The liquor and glassware you can order from either MWC or other uptown wine stores.

        Martin Wine Cellar
        3827 Baronne St, New Orleans, LA

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          Contact Fleur de Lis catering - ask if Melissa is still there, she comes recommended

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            I highly recommend Chris Cody as well. His e-mail address is

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