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Whole Lamb, striking out on sources?

I'm striking out on the usual sources I buy from, Denbesten farm, blood farm, some place in Barre Mass whose name I forgot....

Anyway, any ideas where I can get a whole lamb this week, live is ok as I've found no farmer likes to take just one animal to the slaughterhouse.

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      1. Why don't you call some of the wholesalers - William & Co, Cambridge Packing - they might be able to help - Dole and Bailey - they might give you a hard time if you don't have an account, but maybe they won't You could also get in touch with D'artagnan - I think they do whole lamb.
        And worst case -http://www.fed-rickveal.com/ - my friend and I got two lambs from them last summer, but they are in providence.

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          Thanks for the leads..just might do that....

          I found crescent moon farm has them, but they are live and prices are almost double from last year...4$.lb on the hoof...ouch....

          1. If there are halal butchers in your area, order one from them.

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            1. El Madina Market in Revere is where I would go.

              El Madina
              148 Squire Rd, Revere, MA 02151

              1. Try Waltham India Grocery on Moody St.

                1. Try Tony's Market in Roslindale. I have never gotten the whole lamb but he does a great job with Italian Sausages


                  Tony's Market
                  4253 Washington St, Boston, MA 02131

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                    There's a halal butcher down the street in Roslindale (near the corner of Birch and Corinth) that seems empty most days, but I've seen them offloading whole carcasses (5-10 at a time) from the truck.

                  2. Zam Zam meats - its a halal butcher in Route 1 in Norwood.

                    1. thanks for all the replies everyone. I was looking more for farmer resources, as I am usually wary of the butchers, who knows where it comes from....

                      I think I'll get it from crescent moon, they negotiated a little..now, do I slaughter at home at the risk of the neighbors thinking I'm in a satanic cult like they did last easter, or take it to a slaughter house...hmmmmm... :-)

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                        The halal butchers I buy from in the San Francisco Bay Area are more than happy to tell me where their meat comes from and they have the documentation of slaughter. In my case, the whole lambs are grassfed and come from local farms in the Dixon area, less than 100 miles away. As someone else (Hebrew National) has said, they have to answer to a higher power.

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                          halal butchers have serious restrictions on their meat and if i recall correctly lambs are all pastured, unlike cows. there are several butchers on blackstone st. who could help as well as sulmona right down the street.

                          this may sound naive, but is it legal to slaughter lambs at home? yikes.

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                            IIRC, Nicollette Hahn Niman said that most lamb in the US is pastured. She said that some from Colorado is feedlot.

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                              I am not sure about slaughtering at home, but I am pretty sure you aren't allowed to have livestock on your property, which is what it would be before you whacked it...

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                                I process lambs at home 3-5 times a year. I also have chickens and slaughter those as well. And I live in Newton of all places. Never had a problem.

                                I slit the throat, bleed them out, then hang them up in the garage and use a hose and blow a little air under the skin. It puffs up the skin from the meat and I can then easily pull the skin/fur off clean.

                                I know where my meat comes from, and its been handled well. Sure some of you may cringe, its not for everyone.

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                                    I guess if you had Jodie Foster as a neighbor, you wouldn't have her now ;->

                                    And I do agree with SG: most excellent.

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                              we've enjoyed the lamb from Stillman's farms and they may take a whole lamb request. It is pricey.

                            3. Years ago I was walking on Parmenter Street in the North End on a cold night during Easter week and I had to sidestep two butchers coming down the sidewalk carrying a rail with several whole lambs hanging from it. I had just been to a church service so it all felt especially primal and medieval. All of which is to say, try giving Sulmona butchers a call, or perhaps one of the other butcher shops on Salem Street - they might have them.

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                                  Sulmona has beautiful whole lambs around Easter time.

                                2. How about Signal Rock Farm?

                                  Marianne sells her lamb meats at the farmers' market. I think she also takes orders for the whole lamb.

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                                    That website is so out of date, I don't think anyone could consider it useful. Current prices are noted as 2009! However, I love her lamb whenever I have bought it at market.

                                    Maybe I could trade some lamb for a modern website?

                                  2. Was in Sophia's in Belmont and they said they will have them for the next few weeks. That said do call ahead and reserve.

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                                      Most Market Baskets will order for you...especially wher there is a large Greek community: Lowell for example.