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Mar 22, 2011 06:30 PM

Priz Fixe for lunch.

Looking for an awesome prix fixe lunch spot that is not BYOB?

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  1. Loved the Business Lunch - maybe Businessman or Businessperson - at the Palm for $18.95.
    It was amazing. Took home half my steak and my dessert; everything was delicious.
    There were three or four choices for each course.

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    1. re: sylviag

      Estia has a two course business lunch for $17 but the three course one for $30 is much better in terms of offerings.

    2. Cafe lunch at XIX. Absolutely love it. Huge salad/charcuterie buffet, cooked-to-order entree, and dessert buffet for $20. Hard to beat the view and atmosphere as well.

      Detailed review I wrote a while back:

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      1. Morimoto lunch omakase. This is around $60 though.

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          Amada chef table is 35 dollars at lunch.. off reduced menu.

          In the suburbs, I just had a two course prix fixe lunch at Cantina Feliz (app entree and drink) for 12.95. Good deal... had the calabaza and corn soup, the fish tacos (made with grouper) and a jarritos soda. Had a side of plantains for an extra three dollars. Nice place for lunch.

          1. re: cwdonald

            +1 to Amada. I did the mini wine tasting too and was well worth it (company paid, so I guess it was worth it anyway!)

        2. Lacroix offers prix fixe lunches.