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Mar 22, 2011 05:21 PM

Restaurants Serving Passover-Style Dinner

Last year, I tried Zahav's special Passover dinner. I recall that Fork and London Grille also offered similar meals. Saw that London Grille is doing it again but don't know of others (and I wasn't crazy for Zahav's meal). Anyone hear of anything? Suggestions?

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  1. We had Fork's Passover meal last year as well as Zahav's -- and liked them both. Haven't seen any news about this year yet. I'm planning to go to Zahav again and hope that Fork and other places will join the party! We're not crazy about Zahav but absolutely love that someone is doing a Passover meal.

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      We really liked Zahav's Passover dinner last year and plan to go again after the seders this year.