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Mar 22, 2011 03:15 PM

What's going on at Sunflower?

With much alarm I received news in another thread that Sunflower was closed, due to collateral damage from a fire at the Asian Market next door.

Googling hasn't been terribly informative, yielding only unsubstantiated reports on another board speculating that they would be moving.

Does anyone know anything? I NEED my Sunflower.

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  1. Try Le Soleil up Lamar just north of Rutland. Remarkably similar menu (I've heard it is run by Sunflower's ex-husband) but with slight variations. The location is pretty rough, but we have always had good experiences there.

    Le Soleil Restaurant
    9616 N Lamar Blvd Ste 156, Austin, TX 78753

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    1. re: ebloom

      Thanks for the rec. I've been to Le Soleil, and will return. But it's not Sunflower, and I'm a little stressed that they're down... hopefully not for the count.

      Le Soleil Restaurant
      9616 N Lamar Blvd Ste 156, Austin, TX 78753

    2. That's terrible news. I feel so bad for the owner. Hopefully she will get a good insurance settlement. I didn't realize that Hong Kong Supermarket had burned down, either.

      Sunflower had the best bánh xèo. It was always crisp as could be and stuffed to the brim. Other places did not compare.

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      1. re: luckyfatima

        For real! Gets my vote for best bánh xèo ever. That's my primary concern: never eating that again.

        1. re: puddles

          Third - bánh xèo was amazing, and this is distressing news.

          1. re: reinadetostones

            seriously?! imho their bánh xèo is NOT good. chicken instead of pork, no mushrooms, no thai basil or mint to go with the 2 or 3 lonely strands of cilantro...

            1. re: malarkey


              You sure you got the right place in mind? It comes with mushrooms inside and a plate of mint, thai basil, and stuff on the side. I usually ask for more and they happily accommodate.

      2. I was in that shopping center over the weekend. Sign in Sunflower's window said they have no electricity.

        1. Wow that's bad news that they're still closed. I went I'd say about two weeks ago and they were closed due to the fire; I think it had just happened. Sunflower looked fine inside... I guess per Ridgeback's comment, the whole building's electrical system was badly damaged. I figured Hong Kong supermarket was the source of the fire, but even they didn't seem to have any crazy structural damage, just smoked up windows. No idea what it looks like inside though, of course.

          Hong Kong Restaurant
          812 S Guadalupe St, San Marcos, TX 78666

          1. I was at Pho Van today, and overheard the run-down from one of the staff. Apparently, that entire wing is shut down until they can get the power back up. Sunflower wasn't damaged as such, but they can't get electricity for now. Same goes for all the shops in that stretch of the strip mall.

            Pho Van
            8557 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

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            1. re: gilintx

              That's awful. They are losing a lot of $$$. When Sunflower reopens I know I'll be going in there for some meals to show my support. Good to know at least that everything wasn't destroyed or something. Thanks for filling us in.

              1. re: gilintx

                Wow. I almost went there today (Hong Kong Market). I guess the silver lining in this semi-tragedy is that all the groceries in HKM will be fresh. Some of that stuff looked to be quite old and not moving too well.

                That's what I like about new Asian Markets - No freezer burn ! :-)

                As for La Soleil, the guy there gives me the unwelcome creeps. As if he's just there out of spite.