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Mar 22, 2011 03:13 PM

looking for a restaurant with a meeting room and reasonably-priced appetizers

I want to throw a wrap party for a short film I'm producing, and I was thinking that I would find a restaurant (anywhere in Houston) that has a meeting room, and where you can buy huge amounts of appetizers without it being hideously expensive. Then everyone would buy their own drinks.

Somewhere between 20-40 people will be there, and I would love to spend less than $200 if possible. Is this possible? Does anyone know a place where I can do something like this with this budget? Or am I being unreasonable?

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  1. 40 people for $200, I don't know of any restaurant that would be willing to accommodate that. Call around but most places will give you the room if you order X amount of food and drink. At lunch, at Cullen's, it's $400, dinner $800 for the smaller of the rooms which I think would hold 40. You'll just have to call around and see who has rooms and what the minimum dollar amounts are or what their terms are for securing a separate room. If it's a week day, you might have better luck.

    1. $5-10 per person is pretty tight. Tight even for homemade food.