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Mar 22, 2011 02:24 PM

Help for wedding reception ideas St Pete

I am having a small wedding in November and am in search of an upscale restaurant with great food for the reception. I would like an outdoor seating area or at least a great view on the water. The party will be about 15 to 20 people. I would like a plated dinner. I am looking in the Saint Petersburg/ St Pete Beach areas. Does anybody know of any good restaurants that might be able to accommodate what I am looking for?
Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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    1. The Columbia Restaurant on the St. Pete Pier might be nice.

      1. Try Ocean Breeze on St. Pete Beach -- they have a private beach and a wide ranging and eclectic menu. I think they could also do private tent or room for you...

        1. i got married in st pete, at the inn at the bay. just the two of us dined next door at the chateau france. maybe it was because it was the happiest day of my life, but honestly, it was by far the most perfect meal i have ever had. fois gras, filet mignon with truffle sauce, grand marnier souffle, ahhh. and a lovely little chanteuse who sang a capella tableside, sounded like edith piaf. we sat alone in an upstairs room with huge windows, under the light of the moon, horse drawn carriages clopping on the street below, it was like a most romantic dream. perfect service, perfect food, perfect everything.

          hope your wedding leaves you with wondeful memories too :)

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              WHAT???????? omg we just drove by there the other night, i didn't realize it was closed!!! oh nooooooooooooo :(

              1. re: Manderley

                They announced they were closing but I do not think they ever did. Website is still up and number is still working.

                1. re: rhnault

                  OH what a relief. Pat & I drove by when we went to ABC Chinese in St Pete last week, and we ooh'ed and ahhh'ed as we passed the inn where we married and the restaurant where we dined. it didn't look closed down/out of business, but we were there pretty late at night so the place being dark wasn't a surprise. i'm so glad you told me that, rhnault, i actually shed a few tears over reading todd's post and then googling. phew i feel so much better now!!! :)

                  ABC Chinese Restaurant
                  1919 W Hillsboro Blvd, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

          1. I can't vouch for their food recently, but we were married on the Starlight Princess paddlewheel boat,and went for a lunch cruise for our 10th anniversary. The food isn't gourmet, but it's solid and well done. You can charter the whole boat for an afternoon, and it was (at least at the time) considerably cheaper than hiring a hall and a caterer or a restaurant (just for price clarity, this was for about 60 people -- bigger than yours, but not a huge wedding by any means) They took incredibly good care of us, and we have fabulous memories of our special day.

            You can't beat the views -- my only hesitation would be whether the weather would cooperate in November or not (we were married in April, and the weather was *stellar*, so our guests had a fantastic time)

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              i was there for July 4th last year...and it was positively dreadful. couldn't wait for the cruise to be over. didn't like the food, didn't like our seats, and we were the only ones on board who weren't wearing depends.

              1. re: Manderley

                I don't think a busy holiday is a fair comparison with a private cruise in the off season. I would *expect* it to be not so great on the 4th of July. (Most things are, as the restaurants and things shift gears to just manage sheer quantity over quality).

                Friends of ours were married on the Majesty -- that one was a sunset cruise (the green flash apparently didn't get the invitation, unfortunately) -- and again -- not high-end gourmet, but solid food and a great evening.

                1. re: sunshine842

                  if i remember correctly, the price was astronomical, and of course we had a bottle of champagne (celebrating) and appetizers, which were extra. i believe the cost was well over $300 for the 2 of us, and for that amount of money, i expect the food to be at least GOOD. and i also expected to be able to sit in comfort while watching the fireworks. there were, i'm sure, several hundred people on board, and on the top deck of the ship, where we all went to watch the fireworks, i think there were maybe 30 chairs, tops. i'm disabled and it was extremely uncomfortable. a young girl ended up offering me her chair. during dinner, my husband and i were seated across from each other; 2 "aisle" seats, while the other 2 couples at our table sat next to each other and could whisper together and at least feel like a couple. it was so noisy we could not hear each other to talk together. i was positively miserable the whole time. we asked to be moved somewhere where we could sit side by side, and we got squished in between a pole and a wall, our backs to the windows, and the very elderly lady next to me spilled her drink on me at least 3 times.yes, i understand what you're saying about the holiday situation, but it seemed like the plan was just to squish in as many people as possible, and not even provide anything decent, and who cares if they're all standing up. i thought i was paying for quality. i think i'd have liked Olive Garden better. i'm glad your friends had a great experience there, but i most certainly did not.