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Mar 22, 2011 02:11 PM

Best route from Florida to NYC?

Hey Guys,
My wife and I will be driving from Sarasota, FL to NYC next month. We have about a week and neither of us has much experience with the southern food. We love all foods and I really mean that. We've had some of our best meals at street carts and others in MIchelin starred places. We have dietary restrictions but I'm especially interested the places that use ingredients from the south. I would someday like to eat at a place like Husk in Charleston but we may take a totally different route home.

I'm well aware that this a broad question but culinarily speaking, would you recommend that we head up I-95 and take advantage of the gems written about so often on these boards including some nice dinners in Savannah and Charleston? Or might we head west first and explore some smaller towns.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  1. I guess it depends. I was born and raised in NC and have been all over the South for longer than I care to think about haha. And there are some great towns you could visit. But in most of those (with exceptions, of course) your expectations and the reality could be different. Just IMHO, I think you should visit the juggernauts first. It will set the bar high for you, but I think you'll enjoy it. Both cities are beautiful, especially in the spring. And the food is so great.

    Read through the Charleston and Savannah posts and see what sounds good to you. Husk is great, but there are other great places as well. FIG sounds like your kind of place.

    1. If you take the 95 route, North Carolina would split your trip in half. If you choose that route, there are some great options that will require 20 minutes or so off 95. I'd be happy to give you my two cents if that's the route you take.