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Mar 22, 2011 01:00 PM

Best Linzer Tarts and/or Black Forest Cake in Brooklyn

Looking to pick up some linzer tarts and/or black forest cake/cheesecake this weekend, and need recommendations.

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  1. My favorite bakery is Leske's, 7612 5th Ave, Bay Ridge. I haven't tried their linzer tarts but their half chocolate dipped cookies are awesome. They also make some decent donuts in the morning.

    Leske's Bakery
    7612 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

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    1. re: knarfwhite

      I do love their coffee cakes, which they only have now in pretzel shape. Their buttercream is a major disappointment- no real butter.

    2. Rudy's in Ridgewood, Queens, is supposed to have amazing Linzer tarts -- I can't speak from experience but I have a Linzer tart-loving friend who swears they are among the best in the city.

      Rudy's Pastry Shop
      905 Seneca Ave, Queens, NY 11385