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Mar 22, 2011 12:45 PM

Bay area Pletzel?

A friend has a terrible craving for pletzel: a Polish/Russian Jewish yeast bread. He remembers it baked about the shape and size of a pizza with onions and often poppy seed/sesame seeds. Unlike bagels or bialys, which are chewy, pletzel is hard, more like a cracker. Do any of you know bakeries in the Bay area that make pletzel? My search of the board has thus far turned up only traces in LA, Brooklyn and Brookline.

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  1. Try heating a House of Bagel onion flat.

    1. Cheese Board in Berkeley has pletzel on Saturdays--slices about 4"x6", abundant seeds, thin (but not cracker-thin) and chewy (they use their all-purpose pizza/bialy/foccacia dough). You should call ahead, however; small batch and they go quickly.

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        Thanks much. Sounds good, and Cheese Board is definitely a place to start. In the past at Arizmendi (closer to me) I have called and asked them to set aside various goodies that go quickly, and then then go pick up the bag with my name on it. Since my friend works Saturdays, it's worth checking to see if they would do that for him at Cheese Board.

      2. Okay, update on the pletzel. I finally went by Cheese Board a couple Saturdays ago and snagged the last piece left. Brought it home and warmed it up - delicious. Caramelized onions, good heft to the crust and covered with poppy seeds. They also make it Wednesdays, and one of the members told me that it was a guy from Brooklyn who insisted they make it. I sure liked it, but have no basis for comparison, so passed the info on to the pletzel-craving friend, who picked some up on Wednesday. His verdict: "That pletzel they make at the Cheese Board - it's great! The real thing. Next time I'll see if they'll save me a pound."

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          I'm on the opposite side of the country from you, but grew up in a home where pletzl was an every Sunday morning item from the bakery. We always kept a couple of extras in the freezer and would turn them into onion pizza when mom was riunning too late to cook.

          Even in the greater NY area they are not easy to find anymore.

        2. Definitely try the House of Bagels on Geary. They make "Onion Flats" and my father in law insists that it should be called a pletzel (who knew!). I know they do a lot of custom stuff, so if you want some with sesame seeds you should ask one of the owners/managers and see if they will make them for you.