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Mar 22, 2011 12:34 PM

Sticky buns in DC/MD area?

I am on the hunt for big, gooey, delicious sticky buns...not cinnamon rolls, but those big things made with buttery dough and doused in caramelized goo and nuts. Panorama Bread sells them at the Mt P farmer's market, but I can't wait until May to get one! Any suggestions in DC or Montgomery County?

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  1. Try Upper Crust Bakery in Silver Spring (Colesville), MD. They have very good large Sticky Buns with plenty of caramel goo & lots of pecan nuts daily - will sell a single bun or a tray of eight. They are closed on Monday. They also have a nice selection of breads and rolls but you need to get there before noon for a good selection. If you call ahead they will hold items for you. They are located in the Giant shopping center on Randolph Road at the corner of New Hampsire Avenue.

    1. MoCo is pretty large, I've come to realize. Anyway, there's a wonderful new bakery at 117 East Diamond Avenue in Gaithersburg where the Vocelli Pizza used to be and they have sticky buns and many other Mexican, French, and traditional pastries. I'm always surprised in these times of recession how well bakeries are doing. People want their Sunday treats, I guess.

      1. Try the Woodmoor Bakery at Four Corners (intersection of University Blvd and Colesville Rd).

        silver spring, MD, silver spring, MD