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Mar 22, 2011 12:23 PM

manioc flour and other Brazilian goodies?

I'm having a Brazilian Birthday Bash and cooking the traditional feijoada for it. I'd love to find manioc flour and any other regional treats if they are to be had in the bay area!
Thanks :)

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  1. Robert's busy fighting the Cyrus vs TFL battle so I will throw out his recent Manioc flour thread.

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    1. re: wolfe

      Sweet - thanks for jumping in there! Mi Tierra sounds perfect and on the way to/from Napa.

      1. re: digthevine

        Ignore the place link which I guess came from your post. Mi Tierra Market on San Pablo just south of University, Berkeley.

        Mi Tierra
        2096 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

        1. re: wolfe

          Right - that's the one! Thanks :)

    2. There's also a Brazilian store in the city on Valencia near 23rd Street. They sell bikinis and flags but do have snacks and drinks.

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      1. re: Windy

        Covered on the bikini front but will check out their drinks selection - I was hoping to get some liters of Brazilian beer . . . do they have alcohol?

        1. re: digthevine

          I doubt it (can you get a license for bikinis and beer?) but honestly don't know.

          Mercado Brasil
          1252 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA

          1. re: digthevine

            Bevmo has some Brazilian beers, though they may not be in the best shape.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Any BevMo would have them or are you thinking of a specific location?

              @Windy - Beer and bikinis sounds like a great combo to me, almost a party in and of itself! :)