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Mar 22, 2011 09:53 AM

Searching for Frappuccino recipe

I'm looking to make a frappuccino like the barrista's at Starbucks make, (not the bottled version). I'm thinking all that is required is strong coffee, condensed milk (for thickness?) and ice? Maybe some chocolate syrup for mocha style?

If anyone has had success making a frozen frappuccino, would you kindly share your recipe? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Me too - have been working on this for a good few months - the caveat being that I want to make one without a ton of calories and decaf. The trouble I have is getting the drink to really blend - the ice and the rest so it's less like an "icee" and more like a blended coffee shake consistency.

    I can tell you what doesn't fit that bill (to save you time and money) - the "Big Train" mixes (I bought some on - no coffee flavor. I think if you can get your hands on this stuff, that's what you really need: (but high calorie).

    Short of that, try experimenting with milk, ice, sugar free Torani syrup (your flavor of choice) or Splenda, cold-brewed coffee (like Toddy) or espresso / (or Nescafe instant coffee in a pinch) powder blended in a good blender (I have a vitamix). I think the missing link is some stabilizer like guar gum or Carrageenan (which you notice is in the ingredients of the Pacific mix).

    Let me know if you have any luck! I'm hoping by posting today someone will see this and provide a better answer!

    1. this how my dad does mine.. he has a Gaggia Classic esspesso maker but when we go on vacation he has a plastic coffee press he uses with just regular coffee..

      3 cups espresso coffee

      3/4 cup sugar (try agavee if you are making lower calorie)

      4 cups milk (you can use soy milk if you want)

      3/4 cup chocolate syrup (powders wont cut it dont know if carob would work)

      Mix coffee, still hot, and sugar in your mixer until sugar is dissolved.

      Add milk and chocolate syrup and continue mixing, about one minute.

      Store in fridge until ready to use (do this on sunday night and use all week)

      To make drink, combine equal parts mix and ice in a blender and blend on high until smooth.

      Pour into glasses.

      top with whip cream and choclate shavings

      1. I haven't tried these.

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