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Mar 22, 2011 09:47 AM

What are the best apples for pie?

I usually use a combo of red and green delicious, but I'd like to hear what other apple pie afficienados use to make their PERFECT apple pie.

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  1. I make crumbles rather than pies, but if I can't get Bramleys (which go all soft and delicious) I'll use Empire eating apples - they're tangy enough to make interesting cooked apples.

    1. I like to use sweet apples, less sugar. But you know, every apple pie I make is different -- !

      1. I went apple tasting at apple hill in ca. and decided on the Braeburn. It is a crisp and crunchy apple that holds up well to baking.

        1. Depends on what you define as "perfect". For tarte tatin, I'd say Golden Delicious. The Norwegians might say Dayton or Gravenstein.

          1. I prefer Cortlands, big and red and very nice flavor. I also sometimes use Granny Smith, but I think they are a little dry. If I can't get Cortlands I use Braeburns.